[Mukbang ASMR] 핵매운🔥 불닭 팽이버섯 먹방! SPICY ENOKI MUSHROOMS (RECIPE) FIRE Buldak SAUCE Eatingshow Ssoyoung

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22 thoughts on “[Mukbang ASMR] 핵매운🔥 불닭 팽이버섯 먹방! SPICY ENOKI MUSHROOMS (RECIPE) FIRE Buldak SAUCE Eatingshow Ssoyoung

  1. 오독오독 팽이버섯 🔥
    요즘 팽이버섯을 안먹었던가?🤔 오늘따라 무지하게 먹고싶더라고요
    걱정마시라 쏘영에겐 초대형 불닭소스가 있으니🤭
    불닭 콸콸콸 들이붓고 지글지글 끓이면 참 쉽죠?😎
    여러분도 오늘은 매콤~~하게 불닭 팽이버섯 어때요?
    구독 좋아요는 사랑입니다😍

    Crunchy Enoki mushrooms 🔥
    Have not had enoki mushrooms these days?🤔I really craved for them today
    Don't worry Ssoyoung has a extra large Buldak sauce🤭
    Pour in the Buldak and simmer to a boil and it's super easy, right?😎
    How about spicy Buldak enoki mushrooms for you guys too?
    Subscribe and like is love😍

  2. 나는 그것을 시험해 보았고 그것은 맛이 좋지 않았다 고추 또는 뜨거운 나는 뜨겁지 않은 콩 한국 고추와 함께 넣었다나는 그것을 시험해 보았고 그것은 맛이 좋았다 고추 또는 뜨거운 나는 뜨겁지 않은 뜨거운 한국 고추와 함께 넣었다.✨

  3. TO everyone who saw my comment l would like to tell you, be who you want to be and not be what they want you to be, you deserve the best always.Greetings from lran to all countries ❤🇮🇷


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