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The Palace Discotheque (1983-1992) was probably Thailand's No.1 entertainment venue during its peak. Here are some of the most popular songs that were played there.

Self Control – Laura Branigan
Tarzan Boy – Baltimora
One Night in Bangkok – Murray Head
Jeopardy – Greg Khin Band
Pump Up the Volume – M/A/R/S/S
West End Girls – Pet Shop Boys
Never Gonna Give You Up – Rick Astley
Into the Groove – Madonna
Fresh – Kool and and Gang
In My House – Mary Jane Girls
Midas Touch – Midnight Star
Pandora's Box – OMD
Love in the First Degree – Bananarama



40 thoughts on “The Palace 80s Dance Mix Vol.1

  1. Why did I come here at 1130pm ? I'll be listening this all night over and over and not going to sleep. Such good beats, back in high school again. I need to dig out my box of tapes

  2. Buena música, me transportó a mi juventud, cuando estaba en México e iba ala disco al baron rojo ahí conocí a mi esposa, saludos desde Houston Texas

  3. Very cool mix 👏🏻 .Guys you can also listen to my disco mix in the following link :


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