Tig Weld Stainless Square Tube 2×3 1.5mm

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40 thoughts on “Tig Weld Stainless Square Tube 2×3 1.5mm

  1. am tired lookinh type welding like that. if u don't use filler rod when u finishing it will be undercut. i am doing vapor blaster at this monent all structures stainless steel. i bought upgrade tacking welding on ali expess only 75 usd. 1.5 mm thickness hollow with using filler rod intermittent welding . i set 150 mili second pulse time on. main amp 150-170 amp. just one shot filler rod can be melted.

  2. Any idiots can do that oh fuckkk😠 what is the benefits of watching you doing tig welding why u don't show how much u electricity power u set up on your machine , if u share details are better of showing us this shit , stupid


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