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41 thoughts on “Homemade PIPE BENDER !?

  1. Boa tarde amigo
    Pena que não é aqui no Brasil
    Gostei muito do seu trabalho se fosse aqui eu ia mandar fazer uma dessa pra mim
    Susesso no seu trabalho merece mil likes

  2. Bro, what's the name of that two cylendrical or that circular plate or that some kind of a wheel?

  3. I made something like that for .500 tubing. Many years ago. I use a bearing on the small wheel. I Mande the wheels. I used a .500 wide tool bit. With the radius on it. Great job. Keep up your great work.

  4. Q gusto de ver q tienes tantas herramientas me gusta.👍 pero mis respeto para el, q lo ase sin tener muchas herramientas.

  5. Hello, I want to build one like you to bend a pipe with a diameter of 18 mm and a wall thickness of 1.5 mm. What wheels should I choose? what diameter are they supposed to be?

  6. Hello Doctor D S.
    I'm Jessie from Philippines.
    Nice work and video.
    Will try to make this.

    Useful for the beginners in DIY things.
    Thank you for the informative video.
    Great Job sir!

  7. I think it’s a great built even if it’s not 100% it will work only thing I would add is interchangeable wheels for bigger sizes

  8. je pense que c'est de la merde , les vis de fixation vont lâcher très rapidement le tuyau est mal cintré et surtout abimé

  9. У меня есть такой станочек, досталось от отца, правда трубы сечением 20 мм сгинаю с трудом. Если предварительно разогреть материал то хорошо получается.


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