🌧 In The RAIN, 🌞 In The SUN SHINE, 💨 In The WINDY | Land Rover New Defender Car Camping

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Vehicle – LAND ROVER NEW DEFENDER 110 SE (Explorer Pack)

Awning – James Baroud FALCON 270 Awning
Shower – James Baroud FALCON Shower
Window mosquito net – Korean Online Market
Tailgate mosquito net – DIY myself
Dual Battery System – DIY myself

Mattress – AliEXPRESS Universal Car Mattress
Sleeping Bag – Sea to Summit Spark SP3

Chair – HELINOX Tactical Bench
Chair – HELINOX Tactical SUNSET Chair
Stool – HELINOX Tactical Speed Stool
Table – HELINOX Field Office

Gadget Pouch – EDC Tactical Molle pouch
Torch – SOTO Pocket Torch XT

Lighting – Barebones Forest Lantern
Lighting – Goalzero Lighthouse Micro Lantern
Lighting – Claymore Ultra2 X

Fire pit – Propane Camp Fire
Pants – HELIKON-TEX URBAN Tactical
Shirts – HELIKON-TEX Classic ARMY T-Shirts
Boots – LOWA Tactical Zephyr GTX Mid

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Email : fish13th@gmail.com

* All of these videos were filmed and edited by myself.
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31 thoughts on “🌧 In The RAIN, 🌞 In The SUN SHINE, 💨 In The WINDY | Land Rover New Defender Car Camping

  1. what a bunch of inecesary crap , better stay at home rich boy , i rather a simple tent ,sleeping bag , a fire place and my motorcycle

  2. Хотелось бы узнать, что является источником питания представленных электроприборов, какова их суммарная электрическая мощность, и мощьность источника питания.

  3. I like your videos. Amazing camping equipment, I wish I could have/afford xD Then I realized where I live wind blows quite strong it'll be impossible to even set up a tent xD

  4. Meno male che non ti trovavi a Scandicci (Fi) Italia, tra gli anni 70 /90, se no il mostro si sarebbe accampato con te.
    P. S. Quelle cerniere sono davvero fastidiose


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