[149] On a heavy rainy day, car camping with my love. | Vlog | Relaxing | Soothing

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※ All video shooting and editing, including aerial video shooting(Drone), was done by myself.

Hello. I'm Mari.

The youngest who went to grandfather's house during the summer vacation came, so I went with the youngest this time.
My older sons started school first, so we couldn't go together. Next time, I'll come back with a video of the three brothers together.

Always be healthy.

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24 thoughts on “[149] On a heavy rainy day, car camping with my love. | Vlog | Relaxing | Soothing

  1. 자연과 함께 엄마와 함께한 하루가 아이에겐 평생 잊지 못할 추억이 되겠네요 따뜻한 영상 잘보고가요~

  2. Да хорошо отдыхаете, и в каком городе это? а в гости можно к вам? Я почти каждый день проездом по всей Корее

  3. 영상 너무 예쁘게 잘 봤습니다~!!
    당연히 마리님이 잘 하시는 거겠지만
    이 정도로 이쁘고 선명하게 나오는 카메라는 무엇인지 궁금합니당. 😀

  4. I was thinking about the spam you made for breakfast. I forgot just how the Korean people have taken to spam. I ate it a few times as a child. When Covid shut down the economy, I got the last few cans in the store, there was no other meat at all for a few days. I like spam. Have you ever used it cut up in a Kimchee soup?

  5. Holla iam new viewers from indonesia🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩 Saya sangat senang melihat amda dengan body tubuh seksi🥰🥰

  6. 늘 캠핑을 꿈꾸는데요 가지못하는 현실(두돌 세돌 애기들~~♡)속에서 정말 대리만족중이랍니다
    좋은 영상들 장비들도 잘보고갑니다
    아!!오늘 영상에 나온 화로테이블 알수 있을까요?? 브랜드나 살수 있는곳이요

  7. Such endearing scene seeing you with your youngest son in a tight hug, moments to treasure bcoz they'll grow up fast & your camping joys will stay with them, in their minds a happy childhood spent with their mom with all that loving & care each camping time, my pleasure seeing you enjoying life with your boys..

  8. 最佳親子露營影片,舒服的畫面,適當的音樂,睡前對孩子那拍拍和一吻都有感動到,想一直重複看,好棒的影片,謝謝分享。

  9. 비를 좋아하시는지 아님 비를 몰고 다니시는지 ㅎ 빗소리 최곱니다. 아드님도 귀엽고 착하고 엄마 잘도와주요.. 👍

  10. Hello Mari. Enjoy the time, like I enjoy your videos, when your sons are still so small that you can carry them in your arms. The children grow up so quickly that you can only hug them. I am hugging you from 8500 km away. Thanks again to both of you and stay healthy.


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