Ancient Aliens: Crystal City Discovered Under Antarctica (Season 18)

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During an Arctic expedition, naval officer Richard Byrd makes a very unusual discovery, in this clip from Season 18, “Secrets of Inner Earth.”

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“Ancient Aliens” explores the controversial theory that extraterrestrials have visited Earth for millions of years.

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47 thoughts on “Ancient Aliens: Crystal City Discovered Under Antarctica (Season 18)

  1. Sounds like bird was a product of some sort of manchirian candidate, maybe implanted by the government or possibly by aliens, as his retelling of events sounds so real, yet so imaginary in any sense of reality.

  2. they are lying he didn't go underground he went over an ice wall!!! they are lying to cover up the truth of admiral byrd talking about the ice wall!

  3. Correctomundo. Thanks Linda H. been watching you for umpteen years, your efforts are appreciated by many. Yes, Byrd is right. This is the answer to UFO’s, Sasquatch… Not a planet dude, you live on a plane, not a turning ball in space.

  4. Aliens only care about nuclear bombs, not ethnic cleansing, man made viruses,crusades,…may be they fear nuclear bombs.

  5. This information is incorrect to the accounts of the Admiral. He went to the North Pole entrance not the south pole that was an entire different trip with completely different discoveries. He found a new country at the 200miles past the south pole. That is why WWII was started to cover up and distract. Don't forget Hitler was groomed for his position and tole what to do.

  6. so admiral Bird goes there.
    not only with one of the biggest naval menouvers since ww2.
    thousands of personnel and not one of these people veryfiy the story.
    not even a pilots death bed confession.
    there's technology and ancient civilisations under the ice but no cities of crystal rainbows

  7. the real reason that the aliens are concerned about nuclear weapons is that it would destroy the world that they want to steal.

  8. I refuse to believe that the military doesn't have a full installation and Antarctica with bunkers, runways everything needed to have a military installation

  9. I've been saying for a very long time the greatest place in the world to hide some s*** will be in Antarctica no body has access to it unless you are government or military with very special clearance so imagine what they are actually hiding out there because it's the perfect place who could just get up and say hey let's go to Antarctica absolutely no one

  10. Why do you think they haven't got involved, since it's their world too? It's because they're not permitted too by a much higher being. Why is that?

  11. The advertising before history channel about the gemini app is bs if he had 63 dollars in his bank but dropped 250 in the app he is minus 187 with the 1000 dollars he withdrawn from the app/ platform he should had have + 813 in his bank account instead of + 1063 … Do the math if this isn't right it's just a scam with a actor

  12. What is interesting is that these aliens would prefer the extremely cold climates of the north & south pole. Would this lean towards them being from a planet further from the Sun, aka Mars? It’s very possible most advanced alien species would evolve to endure/prefer freezing cold environments.

  13. So he finds an alien civilization in the depths of our planet just to be told they’re very disappointed with us? That’s believable.

  14. Romans 10:9 ~ That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.

  15. Byrd said on camera that there was another continent "beyond" the pole never seen before, if this is true, it would mean the earth is larger than what we've been told. History channel has to tell fairy tale lie's because they don't want you knowing the truth.

  16. We been also hearing these cities here in philippines too. Witnesses describes it as an advance civilization that appears at night and disappears at day. Shining with many unexplained lights.. Some of our elders describes it as in another dimension that appears only to those who are pure..

  17. History Channel is , like, 100% click bait. But made with really good cameras, good actors, and has the spell "History Channel" bestowed upon it. Click bait nonetheless.

  18. Independence day is coming….I hope will Smith will b there to smack a alien……keep my Earth's name out yo mouth👀😎


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