Ancient Aliens: Secret Stargate in Sacred Egyptian Temple (Season 18)

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Ancient Astronaut Theorists believe that Pharaoh Seti’s lost temple actually served as a Stargate to travel from portal to portal. See more in this clip from Season 18, “Return of the Egyptian Gods.”

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“Ancient Aliens” explores the controversial theory that extraterrestrials have visited Earth for millions of years.

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45 thoughts on “Ancient Aliens: Secret Stargate in Sacred Egyptian Temple (Season 18)

  1. Watch all new episodes of Ancient Aliens, Fridays at 8/7c, and next day on The HISTORY Channel website at

  2. Finally ….. but sadly it’s kinda nothing what humans have understood in the whole percent. If humans rebuild the ancients buildings/structures you will have the answers but sadly humans have divided the world for their selfish satisfactions to call what have been made for all into pieces therefore humans will never get close to the answers sadly.

  3. I know it sounds too fantastic but it would take an electronic engineer or semiconductor designer to decipher or recognize what the functions of an integrated circuit would serve by its design, and if it matched any known modern IC microchip or its functions in an overall larger schematic. Given that I don't think any ancient Egyptians would have had any idea what they were designing at any subconscious level or consciously aware that they were preserving any advanced electronic circuit designs for the modern age of today. It does appear however that there is a multi-layering of circuitry in the designs of these temples. The question is at which epoch might they show any larger scale of component level of modular or "inter-temple" integration providing any technological function of any societal benefit?

  4. They tried to "bring back the old gods" but couldn't because a nuclear weapon took out the "power" electricity, we aren't the first civilization to exist on earth,. I think they were talking about leftover technology, artificial intelligence to be exact.

  5. OMG, very interesting.. but who is Omeseti (sp?) I would love to read up on her, but can not find any mention except in this clip. Suggestions?

  6. I accidentally travelled through the Stargate thinking it was a toilet door. The entities on the other side were not impressed by my urination and defecation. I came back quickly.

  7. The natural desire of good men is knowledge
    "Works of fame by which I could show to those who are to come that I have been!"


  9. 7 dieties or 7 energies of 7 chakras are what every ancient temple is made of in India and it seems ancient Egyptian temple has same features. the side look of the temple 0:56 just looks like a human sleeping in samadhi. at the right side its going towards crown chakra as kundalini rises towards crown chakra through straight spine through 5 basic elements transcending them, we (consciousness/atman) transcend the limitations of nature/body, so definitely it is kind of star gate but it seems gate to advaita (nonduality/brahman) which is beyond time or space. that's exactly what samadhi feels like. it's union of individual consciousness in infinite cosmic consciousness bliss. also interpreted as moksha the union/yoga of god and human. it can also be interpreted as heaven.
    3: 32 similar Tesla lingam carving has found in ancient temple of India by Praveen Mohan ji in his video. it seems there is definetely connection in technology and knowledge.
    It seems she definitely had past live's karmic memory and purpose for next life to build this temple.

  10. Anyone here remember a movie and show called Stargate? Ever wonder if maybe it was a form of "soft disclosure" to the public but concealed in a fictional story where if any whistle blowers came forward. People would laugh and say they got their story from the show or movies? Or any Sci-Fi production? If I was a counterintelligence agent. That is exactly what I'd do. Take pieces of intel that is truth and give it to a producer or director I know in Hollywood to make a movie out of it. That way any information that get's leaked will be immediately discredited.

  11. Hudreds and thousands of dollars in the budget and a channel called HISTORY uses it to turn a nation of intellectuals and freedom fighters into crazy conspiracy theorists. Im sorry for all you Murricans…


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