BEST (and worst) camping gear from my Scotland trip

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This video is about the best and worst performing camping gear from my recent 3 days hiking and wild camping trip to the Cairngorms in Scotland. The weather was brutal at times. Mother Nature threw at us strong wind and heavy rain and it was a little nervy when the thunder and lightning joined the party. I don't recommend camping in a storm, especially thunder & lightning. If it had been on the forecast we wouldn't have gone ahead with the trip.

My Terra Nova Southern Cross 1 tent performed superbly though. I do have a discount code and link below to save you a few quid on the Terra Nova/Wild Country website if you use this link. and Use code PAULM20 to get 20% off all other full price items on the Terra Nova website

Link to the gear I use can be found here (more gear added every week)

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21 thoughts on “BEST (and worst) camping gear from my Scotland trip

  1. Get a shower cap as a weather cover for your bum bag. We use them on smaller electronics in the rain on film sets.

  2. I’ve had two pairs of the Salomon X Ultra 3 boots and both sets began to leak soon after purchasing them. Salomon customer service was poor and very reluctant to take returns and give refund only a replacement.
    Have transferred allegiance to La Sportiva Ulra Raptor II Mid, hoping they will be better.

  3. You live in Sheffield Paul if they don’t do the stormin Norman cones have some mester Messner ones designed for your website 😂

  4. I had a Terra Nova Ultra Quasar early 2000’s in Australia backpacking. I camped on a beach side camp site during a cyclone. Caravans leaking and blowing. I watched from the tent hoping nothing would hit me.
    Brilliant, stayed dry 👍🏻

  5. I think you’re BeFree is like that because of use in Peak District with all that turbidity up there. I don’t think there’s a solution to it, someone should design a peat friendly filter👹

  6. Great video Paul👍
    Can I ask what cover fits your Mo 50 please?as I’ve got one on order and think the extra protection will be handy.

  7. Рюкзак супер!
    Если выживу,после войны куплю такой!!
    Народ!прошу вас ходите в походы при любой возможности!не ждите хорошей погоды и скидок !

  8. A nice breakdown of your kit Paul. With regard to the issues with your boots, I can highly recommend getting a pair of SEALSKINZ Unisex Waterproof Cold Weather Mid Length Socks. I own a pair, just in case I step in a bog that goes over the top of my boots, or they spring a leak like yours did. You can literally step in a puddle of water, wearing just the socks, and your feet will stay dry. I won't post the direct URL (Amazon) link, as I think that the YT algorithm is blocking the post (as my first post attempt on this matter to you never showed up), but if you do a quick Google for them, then that should remedy the situation.

  9. That exped inside out stuff sack pillow is a great idea, never seen it before but want one. As bike tourer of many years I love multiple use items. Cheers.

  10. There is no better water filter than the befree. there are a number of third-party companies that create excellent reservoir bags for the befree. As for the filter clogging just prefilter using a rag or your t-shirt.

  11. I had similar issues with my BFree slowing over the course of a trip, but managed to solve the issue by part filling the bag with water, (maybe 1/3rd) then screwing the top back on with plenty of air in the bag, then shaking vigorously for a minute or so, then unscrew and empty out before refilling and filtering. Should find it speeds up again, at least I did, and now I try to do this process every couple of uses to stop it getting so slow again in future. Hope this helps someone else!

  12. Sorry to be picky, but your Thumbnail was very miss leading. So really the only things that let you down was boots and water filter?

  13. Great Vids – and you have a great way of putting it all over in a relaxed manner
    – I used to do a fair bit of hiking in Cairngorms 30yrs back -day trips typically (aside from the Lhairig Ghru overnight return) i'd typically buy a couple of 1L bottles of water from petrol station ; then fill up in streams – same thing in glen nevis , glencoe area too
    didn't do me any harm ; although I wouldn't do it now !


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