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Hi Guys and Gals, it's been a while since my last Feline Fury. So I thought it was time we visited it once again. As the title suggest we managed to get six cats this night plus a few bonus pigeons from the machine shed and the power wires just outside. The cat numbers here have dropped off quite a bit since my first few trip here and that is a good thing not just for the farmers but also the environment.
I am still however astounded by the frequency of abusive and threatening comment fro people that have no idea as to the problems we face here because of these cats. It seems no amount of information, websites or answers from me or other viewers, can help or change the opinions of these people. Maybe they just don't want to accept that these feral cats are a problem not us the hunters. Anyways here is another link to the government website in the vain hope that some of them might take the time to at least look at it…..?

So If you don't want to see invasive feral pest animal being shot, then I suggest that you change the channel now. As this is what my channel is all about. I don't glorify what I do but I do put my videos up for others to watch and enjoy and also to learn from.
If you choose to watch and then decide to leave abusive or negative comments, they and possibly you will be removed. Also this is not the place for political or religious beliefs, any comment relating to either of these will also be removed.


37 thoughts on “Feline Fury: Six Pack of Cats

  1. Hey, mate, nice job!
    You're doing a really good thing for the environment.
    I have a question, what's the aftermath step? Do you collect the corpses or the owner is in charge of that labor?

  2. Great shooting. I wish I could remove a few where I live. The owners let them out for daily walk and the dang things aren't even neutered. Then I watch them spraying my shed with their urine and the stink won't go away until late spring. Then they have nightly cat fights that make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. Horrifying noses. I hate it when cat owners don't fix them and let them out. Keep up the good work.

  3. I've been curious what kind of birds you've been shooting? They looks like pigeons? I'm not too intelligent with bird types.

  4. Thank you for your service to the ecosystem. You don't have to put up any warnings. And you don't have to care about what the vermin lovers think or if they hate you. The biggest animal abusers are irresponsible cat owners–they are the animal haters. If they feel so strongly that cats should be alive, they should put it in their will that their own bodies be fed to cats. It is not their right to volunteer the ecosystem to be the vermins' food. You were saying that you can't put a head shot of the cat or YouTube will shut it down? Another guy skinned a cat after shooting it. You worry too much. You are a hero to lots of animals. For every cat you kill, you are saving thousands and thousands of animals. Don't worry about the single species vermin lovers. They are nothing more than an organized troll farm, and their tactics are to intimidate people, because they are a troll farm. And for the third time, thanks for saving Australia's native wildlife. I should mention, the troll farms that I mention, they are FOR PROFIT LOBBIES. They found a way to campaign and fund raise and manipulate naive people and extract money from them. They found a way to capitalize off of destroying the ecosystem. I follow them and I know their business model. Campaign, troll farm, fund raise, manipulate, media manipulate, intimidate, harass, spread misinformation, turn ignorant people into a mob, and get tens of millions of dollars annually–and that is their real main objective. $$$

  5. Your mode of euthanasia on these cats is faster then a vet using drugs on our house pets. The only thing different is the vet uses drugs that also block nerve reactions from the heart and brain shutting down. Your method is faster and more humane we are just seeing the nerves misfiring since the brain has shut down and disconnected from controlling the muscles. Feral animals can and are destroying huge amounts of land and depleting natural wildlife which will upset the balance of nature. Keep up the great work.

  6. Leave it to the ones you don't have to live with the garbage at the rats and the mice and that feral cats leave behind

  7. Wonderful video to come home from work to watch! Its nice to see a different front of the war on pests sometimes. Yeah, rat wars is good and fun, but cats and birds are pretty entertaining as well!

  8. I like the sound at 3.51. That makes it funny realistic. Thank you for sharing this work that must ne done to have good control for our common health. Greetings from the Netherlands by Arie Bert Versteeg. (Grandson of a proud hunter in good rememberance)


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