How Cats Choose Their Favorite Person

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If you’ve ever lived with cats in a household of multiple people, you may have noticed that cats often tend to prefer a particular person over others.
Believe it or not, there are several behaviors and characteristics that make people appealing to cats. Anyone who meets these certain criteria is likelier to receive a cat’s affection.

In this video, we will talk about how cats choose their favorite human and how you can become your cat’s favorite person.

Handling is key to earning a feline’s admiration and respect.
Cats want to remain in control of their environment. This means that being cornered and scooped up without request can agitate a cat.
This is why many cats will gravitate more toward people who don’t like cats, or who are allergic to cats.
The best way of winning a cat’s affections is to not insist they interact with you. Instead, encourage your pet to want the contact. Don’t hug, pick up, or corner your feline friend against their will. It’s best to let the cat make the first move.

Studies have shown that any person who can understand and respond to a cat’s cues, whether purrs, meows, or physical touch, is likelier to receive feline affection.
This means understanding when a cat wants attention and when they want to be left alone. It also means feeding them quickly when they want to be fed. Cats want to be understood and have their body and verbal language cues respected.
Cats have a special appreciation for people who can understand their needs.

Your voice
By default, cats are nervous and afraid of humans.
There are particular behaviors and characteristics that can make people less appealing to cats.
For example, cats find loud noises or sudden movements to be stressful. Cats may even try to avoid people who behave in ways that are impulsive, frightening or distressing to them. This explains why many cats avoid unpredictable children, and why they enjoy the company of elderly people. Kids are distressing to cats because they make loud noises and sudden moves.
If your cat views you as a source of safety rather than disruption, they will be more likely to be drawn to you.
Additionally, a study conducted by Animal Cognition has found that cats know your voice compared to the other voices in your home. If you speak in calm, softer tones, your feline friend will enjoy your vocalization a little more because cats are naturally drawn to the calm of it all.

Scent and Appearance
For example, a cat may show dislike toward an individual who remind the cat of somebody that mistreated them in the past. This could be due to appearances, such as hats or facial hair, or scents, such as perfume or cologne. It could even be because of certain noises the person makes or even the tone of their voice.

Quality Time
In addition to being a good communicator, a cat’s favorite human is often the person who puts effort into spending quality time with them. Don’t get this mixed up with the person who spends the most time with the cat. There’s a difference between quantity and quality, and your feline friend knows it well.

That favorite person could be the person who brushes the cat, invites them to nap in their lap, or simply talks to the cat while keeping them engaged in their everyday life. Interestingly enough, a recent study by from Oregon State University discovered that out of human interaction, food, toys, and a scented cloth, cats preferred human interaction the most. So taking 15 minutes every day to twirl the feather wand or toss a catnip mouse is a great way to curry favor with a feline.

Survival instincts govern animals for a large part of their day, and few things are more important than food. So it should come as no surprise that cats show affection to people who offer food to them. This means the person providing nourishment to a cat will be highly valuable to them and is likely to win their favor, although other factors can foil this.

It is important to remember that although almost all cats will have one favorite person, this does not mean that cats only care about one person. A cat’s signs of affection indicate that they love all members of a household. The cat will just gravitate toward one particular person more than others.
Some cats innately distrust all humans. Oftentimes, such a circumstance applies to feral cats who have never been properly socialized with humans.
To know if you are your cat's favorite human, you'll have to analyze your relationship together as well as how they interact with other people in your household.
When a cat chooses you as a favorite, they will begin to foster a much closer bond. You shouldn't be surprised if they sleep on top of you, follow you around, rub against you, or hang out near you. These are the personal and close behaviors which undoubtedly indicate a cat feels close to you. When they give them to you more than others, it is pretty certain you are their favorite person.


47 thoughts on “How Cats Choose Their Favorite Person

  1. My sister moved in with me and one of her cats prefers me most of the time, but sleeps in her bed. I think it’s because I’m new and play with him a lot.

  2. Pretty sure 1 of our cats was abused by a male wherever he was before he came to us. He was super skittish around me for at least a year. I am now his person for some reason.

  3. all these attention from cats i've gotten… And you are telling me I AM NOT DESCENDANT OF SOME MYSTICAL CAT SOUL???

  4. Animals and children always love me, and I think it’s simply because I am gentle and soft-spoken. Cats in particular love to come and rub up on me and I don’t even have to do anything lol

  5. I grab, mess with, and dance around with one of my cats and I'm his favorite ( he grew up with kids and was messed with a lot) we also communicate well and I tried explaining to my dad how I can tell when he's not in the mood to be pet or messed with, but my dad still says my cat is mean 🙄🙄🙄 my cat hates my dad, it's actually funny, he takes a while to warm up to others but has hated my dad for years

  6. this explains why the cats like me even though I don’t really do much for them….honestly it also explains why I like cats too we both are not clingy or annoying like most some people I know.

  7. We have 2 cats. My boy Smokey is almost 9 and I've had him since he was a kitten. I'm 100% his person. But our other cat Kion is only 1 and has chosen my 4 year old as his person. He absolutely adores her and if she's home I'm chopped liver lol

  8. I've had cats all my life and have always told young kids about handling. Cats really do hate being controlled. Some will love it though since they like to rub their faced on your face.

    If you want to hold a cat make sure all their feet and butt is supported. they don't like feeling like they're hanging there. If they want to go let them go showing them you're not trying to control them, but instead show affection.

    Have them close you your chest and face so they don't feel exposed. Many cats that I've had I can hold all I want, but they'll immediately struggle with anyone else that tries. The key is mostly mutual respect.

  9. I thought I was a dog person until I met my cats. I rescued them during the pandemic. One of them is a young female, she was really sweet and playful right away. She loves pets! The other one, a 6 years old male, was very independent and distant for over a year, and just recently started following me everywhere, sleeping with me, keeping me company while I work…

  10. I had both my Siberian Forrest cat and young son in view at the same time. I swear the thought going through my cats head was well atleast it ain't mobile, just loud as fuck. That was when my son took his first step. I'm simultaneously taking in the joy of my son beginning to walk and looking at my cat who now looked to be thinking fuuuuck, well there goes the neighborhood. It was several minutes later I learned my cat had been really holding back the past 6 or so years. I felt certain I had seen and stopped my cats attempts at going outside. That day was a reminder lesson about how powerful any of the "Forrest Cat" breeds really are and if they really want outside it's not a fight you're going to win.

    There was nearly a year of nervousness for me worried about him when he was gone. He knew the average time my son would wake up and wanted out shortly beforehand and he would return not long after his bedtime.

    One morning he didn't come back and I was worried and knocked on every single door in a 3 block radius showing people picture of my cat and asking if he had been seen. I learned something new that day too and it was a major surprise. It only took one trashy neighbor to be a rat haven for the entire atea to become infested. I had too much on my mind to realize the population took a nosedive suspiciously at the exact same time my cat ventured out. Turns out everyone had seen my cat, he had become the Rockstar of the area, a large powerful and friendly cat sticks out. I learned from everyone my boy was taking down all the rats and was repeatedly told not to worry he had a lot of fans and was probably in one of the houses that didn't answer.

    Thankfully he showed up a few hours later, a few more weeks went by and no more rats. He decided to retire and I think my son mellowed out just enough because suddenly my cat looked at him with loving eyes and has adored him for years. Siberians mate for life and males help raise thier offspring. Now my son confuses the teachers when he says he has two dads lol! Now my Son is 9 and my cat is 19.

  11. Haha, I've been the favored of every cat I've had any amount of prolonged interaction with. Maybe not so much as their owners, but I've been able to get purrs and licks out of cats that otherwise have reputations for being grumpy with everyone but 'mom' or 'dad'. I really do think the chill voice and slow introduction is the key, not going straight for petting and coaxing I see some people do.
    My husband and I have 4 cats ourselves and he loves them to bits but is so salty that I have basically a full fur blanket every night in bed xD

  12. "cats prefer to be fed the same time every day"
    My cat incessantly meowing a good two hours before he's fed, EVERY day.

  13. I've lived with cats my whole life. My biggest fear of adopting one by myself was that it would choose someone else in the house. So I was very happy to hear that whenever I'm out of the house, he goes looking for me, and when I come back he wants cuddles :3

  14. My dad (RIP) HATED cats, until this stray started following him around the yard. All day. Also into the tool shed. He ignored her until she loved him too much, so he loved her back!

  15. My wife got a cat. I had no interest in one because I've always been a dog sorta person and I do everything opposite of what's in this video. I am a loud brash person that scoops her up, snuggles and smooch on her constantly. The cat literally thinks I am either her pet or spouse and she adores me. She sleeps with/on me and only me.

  16. The night i got back with my cats after getting them i was sitting on the sofa one night reading a book next thing i know theres purring in my ear and a head on my shoulder my cats are my evrtything

  17. I have never had an issue befriending a cat, even feral ones. I simply sit, reading a book, and utterly ignore them. Eventually they get curious as to why I am not trying to vie for their attention and will come to investigate. I've had entire feral cat packs come up to me and lay at and around my feet, as well as a few of the braver ones, butting and rubbing their heads on my legs. I don't react, and they try harder. I've even had one feral girl jump onto my lap and DEMAND I pay attention to her. Granted, they also know I am the one bringing food to them, but they won't come near me if I TRY to get them to come to me, but will almost always come to me if I ignore them.

  18. The love of my life didn't/isn't choosing me😭😭😭😭I didn't bring her home. So maybe that's the reason. But she still gets all the attention and love.

  19. We have two cats at home. Brother and sister, 2 years old now. My family more naturally gravitated toward the girl, as she enjoys laying on your lap (though generally only for a short period, before she runs off again). Meanwhile the boy is not generally keen on sitting on your lap, but he is very affectionate in terms of wanting to rub against you and enjoying pettings so long as he can be anywhere other than your lap. He'll also happily follow you around, and even tends to listen to some "commands" like a dog would, when you call him over. Family didn't enjoy that a lot, saw the boy as "not affectionate since he won't sit on our lap", so I particularly paid a lot of attention to him (though I love both of these precious furballs a lot!). For so long now, my family is always baffled about what a close bond me and the boy share, and how he seems to naturally gravitate toward me most of all. But to me, it was only a matter of understanding and respecting his boundaries, and realizing that he too, was very effectionate, albeit in his own way. Then one day he suddenly jumped on my lap and decided to sleep there for hours. It felt like pure magic. It felt like the highest honour. He's still not much of a lap cat, don't think he'll ever be, so moments like that always feel magical with him. Meanwhile my family also learned to appreciate him more, and now realizes that he truly is affectionate, just not in the same way as his sister.

  20. My favorite cat is my neighbors. Pretty cool and easy to just abuse it by teaching it to sit and jump onto things on command, and not need to feed or shovel their shit.

  21. Cats are smart as hell and alot more social their just not blindly obedient. I had a really cool ass cat when i was a teenager, i think hes still alive even, but this cat would follow me wherever i went and if i told him to go home hed just walk his happy ass back home, if he was outside hed run to me as soon as i called, and if he was inside and i was sleeping hed lay on my chest. Also this cat didnt die, once he disappeared for a few days, showed bsck up with gangrene on his tail and disappeared again, literally months later this cat just walks back up to me as if he had never left and by that point its more how the hell did this fucker survive.

  22. One of my cats prefers me for sure, and his brother loves our 4 year old – because she’s quiet and let’s him lie on her 😂

  23. Idk how but my own cats and my sister’s cats gravitate towards me. Some more than others but it make me feel really loved

  24. "Cats want to be understood"? No–cats want to be OBEYED. You will be suffered to come unto them if you are a good servant.

  25. My boy Leo loves my whole family, but I am the favorite person. It truly is an amazing feeling. I haven't bonded this closely with a cat in 15 years, I honestly never thought I would again.

  26. My cat thinks she is my Mother. She tells me when to go to bed and when to wake up. She will walk around the house meowing until I reply back to her. She sleeps next to me most of the night. My wife says I hold her like a teddy bear. If I did something wrong, well wrong in her eyes, she will scold me. Most of the time I have no idea what I did "wrong" so I just pretend to look sad and say I am sorry. Then she will lick me on my nose then give me a snuggle. She also grooms my hair all the time. She will get on the headrest of my couch and start grooming. Then use her paws to move my head around so she can groom me better.


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