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With technology advancing faster than ever, and more and more discoveries being made every day, is the day we contact extraterrestrial life almost here?

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45 thoughts on “How Is NASA Contacting Aliens? | Alien Life Documentary | Spark

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  2. If they where , we would already be extinct and earth would new real estate for the aliens.
    You are an absolute nutter .Are you running for president next seems nutters get voted into all levels of government in the USA, you would fit right in destroying the USA from within.

  3. The Alliens already replied us but we are foolishly on earth fighting one another building boarders. One of their response to help the world from inflation is giving us crypto 😉. Where did bitcoin come from ? 6EQUJ5 is a binary number found in Blockchain technology . Who owns Black Knight Sattalite that orbits around our planet ? If I was an allien I wouldn't want to come to planet earth u guys are disgusting and barbaric Allien don't eat meats ….

  4. Couldn’t be more grateful for islam
    Because of islam we as muslims don’t feel lost in this life like many people does.

  5. Like our own planet we have now polluted and have so much Garbage orbiting our planet we probably can't even hear anything trying to contact us. Oh well evolution shows us intelligent life able to manipulate it's environment is a dead end and we are a failure as a species. Any intelligent life that has existed and I believe there have been many has existed at different times than us and has destroyed it's self.

  6. Hi. I have such a nice news about contact with reptiles, it is enough to connect two languages ​​with each other, find the perfect reflection of two languages, e.g. Polish and English. Write in Polish with your right hand and in English with your left hand. In this way, we learn to speak two languages ​​at the same time, i.e. contact with reptiles. You can combine all languages ​​into one, i.e. the algorithm by which we can contact them. It works both ways, you can write Polish from the back, English from the front, English with your right hand, and Polish with your left back. We read the word with one eye in front and the other eye in the back. Hemispherical asymmetry. Language team. At the same time, we write different things with both hands. Language mirrors. The above text has an infinite number of translations.

  7. What we need for life are planets that have liquid water. if there is water then life can and will exist.We can see from the Earth alone how many and amount of life that exist already.

  8. Biggest proof there are no UFOs at Area 51 or anywhere else > Trump was President for four years and never tweeted about it once. If it was real he would have been bragging about it.

    "Today I toured a real UFO, that's right, the first president to ever admit they're real, that's me. I saw some aliens too, even had lunch with them, look here's a selfie with me and the aliens, we're good friends now, they all love me. They said I'm their favorite human."

  9. We were never alone even before the so call big bang nasa just like the government like lie more and more and tell very I mean like an atom size little to tell truth or will it?

  10. 6:45 "..for scientists, believing in miracles is usually not a good strategy.." I love that.
    He's right, too. Asserting a miracle answers nothing. It only stops the pursuit of the answer.

  11. even if they are out there how do you communicate with a intelligent being or whatever that was not born on earth ..?

  12. Tawutu iba s Dalib Abi Manyu lord and see us billiar new speaking maayan Dayak Borneo in rahim Elisabet iba s Dalib UFO Matt yes GG makan sarikaya taniran Baringin pantak zatoh simang paku dahan pohon Ara plk jaran goyang buntud kuda kutu buku latah baksodi aratu Selak cook gaya vee gang saan urat Saribu kenah lais jala Watt lampu Philips meletus bola lampu jln UFO Matt yes GG rantau ku Jang jenamas oap kikit sesep lembukubarasihi kenah Sudi bersamaan ikan dorang tape GG tadung wanyi Saribu Lbah madu pedesaan tawn village of love peace via sup fia bh gia UFO Matt

  13. US Government can't contact the US citizens but they manage to contact aliens. Give me a break! US like any other government does only one job efficiently: Printing and spending CURRENCY. For any other job they are worthless.

  14. Pandawalima esdi tika sittivi Rarahan tampuyak nanakan UFO kasesep kutubuku taniah kuda mariyang jaran goyang Sabon cab tangan bon Salib pandalib Kasali zat us sitv GG talatak amas cook gaya vee UFO zaman sekarang bawarik tawelen meau bakeyo buku telekoy putud gatah latek sawit ruyan bapakku taniran pantak zatoh simang paku dahan pohon beringin UFO Matt yes GG taring Datu kikit sesep Taliban putud rambutan lord and see us iba s Dalib UFO Matt

  15. If you were a alien, would you contact us ? …. we as humans are disgusting towards each other 2 world wars thousands of nuke tests …. they will come here and wipe us out not to be our friends

  16. Kutubuku in rahim ufo di Gogo dan diroti baju bazat kameteyong celana dalam goa Fiag Matt arah minyak angin korma lembuku barasihihi kenah lais babilem ikan dorang tape GG talatak UFO Matt yes ff Saliban Dalib batu karang dokuh sihirang in rahim Elisabet iba s Dalib tupu tawurip bumung sampuk buku bakeyo box ku in rahim upo pamantat baju bazat UFO Matt

  17. the Messages sent into outer space can't even be deciphered by common humans , why would we expect Aliens to figure it out ?

  18. If humans know evil so do they, and much more. Trust in the lord jesus who is life and has defeated all principalities and powers

  19. Yeah we lack the proper mindset, it's not about do we know if we are not alone, it's about 'do we understand that we are not alone'. The pefect example. In Ukraine actually happens genocide and in the same time ppl are having a lavish lunch. Same with Africa or Dictatorship all over the world. We are egoistic barbarians and like the hornet, the aliens will avoid us even if they exist.

  20. there is something that makes me confused …. why must spend a very large cost and a lot of time to look for life forms outside the solar system which is very far away …. whereas we often see on youtube ,, videos that tell about aliens that they say they are on our earth,, alien spacecraft sightings,, alien phenomena,, also about alien abductions … my question is.. are all these things true,,, and if true,, what are all these things for? SETI is doing it, isn't it just a waste of resources … and if SETI is in its quest to get in touch with aliens .. then all the things about aliens that we know from the videos on youtube are just bullshit .. because these two videos are mutually exclusive the opposite .. one video negates the truth of the other video … I ask for an explanation … thank you .. 🛸👽


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