Scientists Terrifying New Discovery Under Sahara Desert Changes Everything!

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This is the map of Africa. If you look to the South, you will see lush vegetation, with lots
of greenery. However, when you go north, things are different. Covering multiple
countries, it is the most gigantic desert globally, with miles and miles of dune formation.
Altogether, the Sahara Desert covers 9 million square kilometers, meaning it will
swallow Spain 18 times!
However, did you know that this vast stretch of sterile sand covering a third of the
African continent was covered in lush vegetation thousands of years ago? What
happened to the Sahara? And what is happening to it right now? In this video, we look
at the terrifying discoveries scientists made under the Sahara desert!


24 thoughts on “Scientists Terrifying New Discovery Under Sahara Desert Changes Everything!

  1. In this error, we have a lot of technology and scientist. If this error can manage to go to the moon and back then it means that they can manage to bring back the long gone Sahara forest. Doing this can even save us from the climate changes as well as keeping the ozone layer stable. #onlysayingthefact.

  2. I should have guessed from the style of the commentary that I would end up wasting 10:16 minutes listening to idle speculations, and learning nothing about some "terrifying new discovery" under the Sahara.

  3. It isn't a new discovery, it's just been hidden from us along with MANY other things!!! TRUTH always PREVAILS ❤️ Be/Get prepared for what is coming!!! Solar Eclipse-"LUNITIC Eclipse -Blood Moon. Very exciting & interesting time to be alive.

  4. Um. The Sahara desert exists between 15 and 45 degrees in latitude. If you use a real satellite image instead of the artist's rendering this video uses, you se those parallels straight as a ruler.

    ALL deserts in the world exist in this band. They exist here because of atmospheric circulation patterns, which are determined by the rotation speed of the Earth. To believe that human beings affect this is just silliness.

  5. It's desert because it was neglected due to the western colonizer so the original country people had to roam freely and hide from the gunshots

  6. The Sahara is picked up and carried around the world dropped on the Amazon rainforest it's a vital part of the Earth's ecosystem sometimes people look at deserts wrong they're a vital part of the balance of things👍😎🇨🇦

  7. Clayton Rings – may have been used for fire? to contain or carry – or to create directed smoke – for smoke baths? for communication across distances?

  8. it is the biblical location of the garden of eden. "scientists" are giving theories that only supports their agenda

  9. Evolution is obviously just a religion that people have invented, called it science, and used it to push God out of their minds.


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