SOLO CAMPING IN HEAVY LIGHTNING & THUNDERSTORM. Scariest Arctic RAIN Backpacking of my life!

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3 days Arctic Solo Camping in a Heavy Rain, Lightning, Thunderstorm & Heavy Wind, Scariest Storm Camping experience of my life! ASMR and Rain Sounds.

The closest town measured an all time record for rainfall with 36.4 mm in one hour, which is an all time high record for the northern half of the country. This happened sometime around my dinner.

This was my scariest storm camping experience so far. I was above the polar circle in the arctic at 70.5° North, alone 35 km into the wilderness, when one of the most brutal thunder and lightning storms I have ever experienced hit me. It lastet for over 12 hours and had some of the most scary thunder and lightning I have seen. It felt like I was getting hit right on the head. I did manage to capture some great footage of the lightning though. This is the furthest north and most remote place I have ever backpacked in a very wild and cool area. Enjoy the storm!

Contains elements of AMSR

560km/349miles north of the polar circle

Roughly as far north as:

Wainwright – Alaska
Ulukhatok – Canada
Wrangel Island – Russia

550km/342miles further north than Iceland

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Music by Melantopia

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50 thoughts on “SOLO CAMPING IN HEAVY LIGHTNING & THUNDERSTORM. Scariest Arctic RAIN Backpacking of my life!

  1. You must have been thoroughly miserable stuck in the tent all that time ☹️ but you pitched it so well, it was barely moving. Absolutely brilliant video. Thank you so much for sharing, I’ve subscribed ♥️👍

  2. Have a Cabela's Alaskan Guide tent, 4 man. I know it's too heavy for what you do, but it is the most solid tent that I have owned. No leaks, withstands wind. It's awesome, as is your video. Thanks!

  3. The only good thing i can say about those storms is, they are now a just a memory! Makes it so uncomfortable, and all night long…..I dont know cuss words that adequately describe a leaking tent. lol. Sorry to say i enjoyed watching?? lol. Wishing you dry travels moving forward. Thats better. haha

  4. This is by far the best rainstorm camping video i have ever watched. Thank you for the content. Sorry about your situation but if it was me i would've been sleeping like a baby 24/7

  5. I use the same set-up you did in this video, Hyperlite, Soulo, Thermarest and i got called an amature on my last hike 🙂 The Soulo did a great job!

  6. Saya sangat menyukai berkemah di tepi sungai kecil ,pemandangan yang indah ,suara hujan yang baik untuk teman tidur

  7. I wouldn’t be able to stay inside my tent that whole time without at least one side open for me to see the rain and feel the mist.

  8. The landscape was hauntingly beautiful!

    Wow! What an intense and scary storm! Thankfully you had a strong tent…despite its leakiness.

    The video was very simple and minimal, but captured the power of the storm very well.

  9. Really great adventure, the sound of rain and wind was amazing. Every tourist like me after you knows this feeling and it brings back many memories.

  10. Thank you for still turning the footage into a rain video. Every backpacker like me following you knows the feeling and it brings back a lot of memories.

    PS: You need a long handle spoon like the sea2summit one.

  11. ضع على الخيمه شمع النحل ، على مكان الخياط واغلق فتحات التهويه وكذلك ارضية الخيمه ادفنها بالرمل جميع جوانبها وضع عليها ثقل او اربطها باوتاد حتى تغلق تسريب الماء والهواء العاصف والبارد ..فيديو جميل ورحله صعبه ممتعه

  12. Just discovered your channel and subbing. Great video. Here is a question for you and apologize in advance for not understanding your country’s geography and wildlife. is there a polar bear risk in this area?

  13. First of all let me say that the natural scenery is just beautiful! On a second note I think you are fairly well protected inside your tent from the electrical discharges, as the metal polles that support your tent, create a dome shape around you, that ends inside the ground, therefore any possible lightning strike would be directed towards the ground leaving you intact. Though I have to admit it would be a fairly dangerous and not pleasant experience at all… Nonetheless, I love camping in rough weather!

  14. I did enjoy it… from a safe and warm place! Glad you posted this. I've tried to sleep in rising water before [unsuccessfully], but NOTHING like this!

  15. Hey there NE from Massachusetts! I’ve gotta say that trip was one of a lifetime for sure! Having done trailwork as a summer job during college, I learned to use a four season tent for living in. It was in New Mexico where they get monsoon storms in the afternoon so you want to be feeling safe after a hard days trailwork. That tent, like the Hilleberg, wasn’t cheap but I was young and living in the barracks at the time so i could afford it. Knowing what I know about the Hilleberg, that tent shouldn’t have leaked either, at all. Seems like they would have that kind of leak engineered out of the system by now. I really like the primus stove a lot. Looks like a really functional little cooker. I would echo some of the sentiments in the comments in that it didn’t collapse and I always think about how it would be if i was sitting out there in no tent how much worse that would be.

    You showed amazing patience and calm during the whole ordeal! Thank you for showing us that beautiful part of the planet. Take care. NQU

  16. Wow! That was some storm. I’ll never complain again when I get caught in a rain storm in the Sierra. I was worried for you. Your videos are nothing short of amazing. Thanks for taking us with you.

  17. I read all the comments B4 composing the following.
    Thank you for taking your time, effort, & equipment to share your adventure with MEeee. I noticed several large rocks that appear to have been placed atop tent pegs at the end of guyout lines. Those heavy rocks likely HELPED keep the tent pegs in the ground & your tent from being blown down. No torn fabric, no broken guylines, no broken poles, no zipper snags, they stayed zipped. I'm assuming your Soulo is the RED label, not the BLACK label Soulo.
    That HOT meal provided nourishment & comfort, thank goodness for having the equipment needed to boil water needed for coffee & the freeze dried meal while inside your shelter.
    No sleep & being hunkered down for 15 hours is definitely an ordeal.
    Please let us know WHAT you do to fix the leak & WHAT/HOW you test your repair to see if it's fixed.
    Warm Regards from Reno, Nevada U.S.A.

  18. What an adventure! I was walking 22 km through heavy rain yesterday and there was nowhere to escape from it (no tent with me) 😉

  19. Glad you're showing the "other side" of camping, rather than the "always sunny" kind of side we most often see in the social media.
    This is how wild camping will be every once in a while, even though maybe not this extreme. Shows the importance of a high quality tent.

    Sure, your soulo is leaking, but just imagine what this storm would've done to a <200$ tent and you'll be happy for some few raindrops.
    Using my Nallo 2GT for solo trips, the huge space is great in bad weather conditions and for me it´s worth those extra kilos.

  20. i did a search for "Alaska storm, < 24 hours", and luckily this appeared not too far down in the results. (Even though not about the Alaska storm that is imminent.)

    This is amazing footage. Subscribed.

    I really like how you put the camera down and get still shots. I've lost my sense of vestibular balance, so even the bobbing when I am walking will give me brain fog, and watching a camera bob up and down is very difficult for me to watch for more than a few seconds.

  21. Muito bom
    Estou curtindo muito os vídeos teus 👏👏👏
    Estou ancioso para o próximo vídeo 🙏

  22. Hello! The tundra in the video is spectacular. The wide open countryside is amazing with its stark beauty. Such dramatically different areas compared to the fjords and towering cliffs. I loved seeing the caribou/reindeer. Thank you so much for sharing your adventures. I absolutely love your videos. Your cinematography is wonderful. I would LOVE to backpack the route you did in Yellowstone. Glad you were safe during and after that phenomenal thunder and lightning storm. Happy Hiking

  23. Holy cow! I was scared. Thor throwing around thunderbolts, relentless rain gods! And it started out so peaceful with the reindeer and vast treeless expanses! Great video. Glad the tent held up.

  24. Really great video as usual 👍😍 you are doing well and these videos are really helpful… you are doing great job and your effeorts are admirable. waiting for next video… i always like to watch videos like this one, because I think I should Learn everything about tourism and creativity I can, anytime I can, from anyone I can – there will always come a time when I will be grateful I did, And this video will definitely be a good contribution from you, 😍 thanks for the great content… waiting for next nice


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