SOLO CAMPING in RAIN🍂Bushcraft Survival Shelter: Rain & Fire ASMR in Autumn

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Its cozy and rainy in the brilliantly colourful autumn forest as I return to my bushcraft survival shelter.
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1. Rainy forest: returning to my bushcraft shelter 00:00 – 02:35
2. Rainproofing the bush roof 02:36 – 07:35
3. Fire & rain: cooking inside under the rain 07:36 – 16:30
4. Rainy night, making a door/windshield 16:31 – 24:57
5. Sleeping in the rain in the morning, staying dry 24:58 – 37:21
6. Walking through the rainy forest: return home 37:22 – 41:11


36 thoughts on “SOLO CAMPING in RAIN🍂Bushcraft Survival Shelter: Rain & Fire ASMR in Autumn

  1. Hope you enjoy the rain and relaxing as much as I did! How do you like the immediate start of the video? I skipped the intro.
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  2. we have a drought where i live., okl, usa, so the rain and stormy weather would be a plus righr now, the water tables are so low

  3. Great video mate! Love watching the cold weather take hold for you as it warms up here in Australia. And the rain is lovely. Cheers!

  4. Nice one as always! That shelter didn't leak any of rain? Even all day raining. 😁👍 Best shelter is natural! 👋🇱🇹

  5. I love the additional while you added seems a bit more protected now very well camouflage, So very beautiful there and simple , Love it🏕

  6. The fake rain sound was distracting and annoying. Since it clearly wasn't raining, my brain interpreted it as noisy static. I had to turn the sound off while I watched and enjoyed the video.

  7. Really enjoy seeing you revisit previous shelters. Another aspect of your videos I like is that you use normal household items(like your cup, pan and teapot) and not the latest and greatest bushcraft gimmick.

  8. I watch your videos every day Bro. Your camping is as beautiful as your country. I have seen all the previous videos. Want more new videos. Wishing you good health.
    Love from Bangladesh.


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