Solo Tarp Camp | Simple Lean-To, Trying a Down Blanket & Showing My Baps! Wild Camping UK

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A nice chilled out lil tarp camp – I popped the tarp up in a simple lean-to configuration, tried a down blanket for the first time (nice and floofy!!) and showed my delicious baps for @Karen’s Gone Wild!'s #ShowUsYourBaps, in aid of breast cancer awareness 🍔🍔

There is a Wild 🤩 Adventure coming next! Something a bit different, I'm working on it now and am so excited to share it with you! 😀

Thank you so much for watching 😊 Much love, Claire 🌿🐻


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DD Superlight Tarp 3×2.9m
Paracord – Kombat 3mm Olive Green
Cheapy Camo Tarp for the ground 6ft x 8ft

Closed-Cell Foam Sleep Mat Thermarest Z-Lite
Trekology Aluft Delux Pillow
One Tigris Down Blanket

Deuter Aircontact 60+10L SL Women’s Rucksack
Decathlon 10L Waist Bag
Exped Dry Bags
Nylofume Pack Liner – Outdoor Gear Essentials

Cheapo one

Trangia Alcohol Stove
Trangia Fuel Bottle 0.3L
Pan Stand for Trangia
BioFire Fuel
Ferro Rod
Opinel Pocket Knife No.6
Toaks 700ml Titanium Pot
Tito Titanium Spoon
Wood Plate
iBasingo Non-Stick Titanium Frying Pan
Bag for rubbish

x2 Water Bottles

Baby wipes
Hand sanitiser
Hair band
Lip balm
Tiny mirror
Mini Tweezers
Tiny Pots
Sleep Mask
Latex Glove
Cheap Sunglasses

Pain relief
Plasters & blister plasters
Torniquet (only use with knowledge of how to use safely)
Wound Dressing & Small Bandage
Alcohol Wipes

Lifesystems Ex4 (Permethrin insecticide treatment for my clothes, rucksack & boots)
Smidge (for direct use on skin)
Lifesystems Expedition Tick Repellent (for direct use on skin – travel size)
Jungle Formula 50% Deet
Rose Geranium Oil
Lemon Eucalyptus Oil
Insect Repellent Wipes
Tick Removal Tool
Head Bug Net

Boots Regatta
Down Puffy – Decathlon
Spare Bootlaces
Foam Flip Flops

Power Bank Anker PowerCore
Headtorch – Decathlon Bivouac USB (100 lumen)
Light – Goal Zero

Camera – Sony ZV1
Ulanzi Wide Angle & Macro Lens
ZV1 Screen Protectors
Sony Lavalier Mic
128 GB Sandisk Extreme SD Card

GoPro 10
GoPro 10 Foam Wind Shield
GoPro 10 Screen Protectors
Sandisk Extreme 128GB Micro SD Card

Ring Light Clip
Basic Tripod
Mini Ball Heads

GardePro A3 Wildlife Camera
AA Batteries
128GB SD Card

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33 thoughts on “Solo Tarp Camp | Simple Lean-To, Trying a Down Blanket & Showing My Baps! Wild Camping UK

  1. Sadly here in NZ, if you are under the age of 45 you gotta pay for a mammogram. Most women aren't able to afford it. Over 45, it is free.

  2. Love all your videos Claire, I watch them with my GF. Just wanted to say that if you tie a small piece of cord to the center tie point of your tarp and leave it there, you wont have to stretch out to tie to the center loop. The loop end of the cord will just be right at your feet. Cheers

  3. I love your videos. And I’ve bought your Merchandise a.k.a. one of your shirts their quality is not as good as the videos you provide😢

  4. Hi Claire, Tis Irish Bob saying hello, and a nice little shoutout for breast cancer screening.

    This is a nice little outing segment and. I'm always delighted to see you trying new gear etc.

    The meals looked most appetizing and I have tooth marks on my phone. So I imagine it was bloody marvelous.

    Be well my dear. Stay🏋️, Stay🩺, Stay True, and Stay Real. Liked the night sky shots; better than anything on tv.😇🤗😎🍀🙄

  5. I was so confussed over the whole BAPS thing lol.. Those BAPS looked so delish thou, you totally made my mouth water after looking at ur BAPS thou😋😘🤣🍔🤔💯

  6. You are awesome Claire. Another great video. Simple and fun. Great plug for breast cancer. My mom is a three time survivor. Thanks for the adventure.

  7. Thank you for sharing your overnight. I had to look up baps and I learned something new. If you attach the Super thanks button to your videos I would donate to you. Stay well and be safe. Permethrin will take care of repelling bugs from your campsite. You can spray it on your ground cloth and no bugs will bother you.

  8. Great video as usual. Those baps are perfect would love to get them in my mouth and have a little nibble. 😂🤣👍

  9. Always great videos! Thanks for testing equipment for us and great cooking lessons, can't wait for more videos keep doing what you are doing and be safe!!


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