UFO sighting in North Texas? Residents share video of mysterious lights

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The true source of the lights was Elon Musk's SpaceX Starlink satellites.

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37 thoughts on “UFO sighting in North Texas? Residents share video of mysterious lights

  1. I saw this yesterday too with my girlfriend going to the gym we from Carlsbad California tho so I do t think it was just Texas

  2. I saw those lights. I thought it was a comet. I was thinking it was Haley's Comet but it couldn't be because it was last seen in 1997 and won't even be seen again until 2061. You can't predict the future so who knows. I might not be alive to see the comet because anything can happen. Could be anything from a tornado to a hurricane to a terrorist attack to a car accident to a fire to a earthquake to a heat wave to a dog bite to nuclear war to a deadly disease like scarlet fever or diphtheria to even getting murdered, robbed or getting raped. Who knows?????? I can't predict the future but I can pray and hope to God and our lord and saviour Jesus Christ that I can live long enough to 2061 so I can see the comet pass by Earth. Hopefully I can take a picture of Haley's Comet when it does pass in 2061 but I'll wait and see. Until then, I'll enjoy life right now and take pictures of things I can take photos of such as fall foilages, tropical islands, castles, cityscapes, wildlife and sports. For now, I'll count my blessings and pray to Christ.

  3. No I seen one of them last week, Here in Wylie Texas about 5am, I thought I was loosing my mind….it’s Starlink. Elon Musk put them out. You know I had to do some research😂

  4. No it’s not lol they are satellites that provide internet supposedly we are suppose to start seeing them for often I seen them when I was camping lol

  5. Insert ‘Spock hand signal’ here >>

    They’ll be coming from underground too 😉 so in that case, keep both eyes out.

  6. stop showing starlink satellite and acting like you don't know what that is everybody know exactly what that is. I guess people do not watch TV or the news

  7. Nothing to see here folks….. it's just Uncle Bob testing out his homebuilt drone…and it got away from him…:0)….

  8. I can't believe how stupid people have become. Are they NOT paying attention? This is OLD news– they are Starlink satellites.


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