UFO SIGHTINGS CAUGHT ON CAMERA | A compilation of the internet's most divisive videos

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The Pentagon has released a report all but confirming the existence of UFOs. And there has been no shortage of sightings in the past few years. These are some of the UFO videos that have divided the internet. This UFO sightings compilation is a must-watch, These people claim their videos are real. Others think they're easily explained away. Do you agree? Let us know.

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28 thoughts on “UFO SIGHTINGS CAUGHT ON CAMERA | A compilation of the internet's most divisive videos

  1. Biggest proof there are no UFOs at Area 51 or anywhere else > Trump was President for four years and never tweeted about it once. If it was real he would have been bragging about it.
    "Today I toured a real UFO, that's right, the first president to ever admit they're real, that's me. I saw some aliens too, even had lunch with them, look here's a selfie with me and the aliens, we're good friends now, they all love me. They said I'm their favorite human."

  2. I just turned 41 and my wife and I have a 16 year daughter. I honestly believe that in her life time one day our government will be coming out saying they made first contact. Hopefully when it does happen, it will be peaceful.

  3. In 2011 I witnessed something similar when I was living in the Gulf of the middle east. I'll never forget it. I thought I was going crazy and I tried rationalising it to a plane or military jet but it just isn't possible with the way it moved, how fast it was and how it practically appeared and disappeared. Something I occasionally think back on and go wow did I really see that?

  4. Rubbish. If there are UFO with so advanced technology. By now they would have landed and made contact. These are possibly military equipments being tested.

  5. Some if these clips are weak…..kinda clips that once sceptical people see them even if they see moving vids theyll always remember the clips that could looked like balloons…..so unless the clips are really good I would use them

  6. It's like Sasquatch, Loch Ness and many other paranormal sightings. Some people see them, some don't. Some people have reoccurring alien abductions, some have alien implants some have reoccurring alien visits in the day some at night. It's just the same old BS here on this planet. Some people get used to it and I'm quite sure some enjoy alien interaction.

  7. 10:14 That was not a UFO or a spaceship or an alien spaceship thing no it was one of those ships from Star Wars Star Wars is real I'm telling you you can't tell me it doesn't look like that

  8. Just note on thermal-camera imagery and why it always appears blurry (much to the consternation of some viewers). It has to do with the physics of light.
    Deep infrared light has a much longer wavelength than visible light. 10-micron IR wavelengths, for example, are twenty times as large the wavelength of green light, and so the image sensors in these cameras that see at deep-IR must use physically much larger pixels in order to have sensitivity comparable to that of a regular video camera. It's an engineering tradeoff between resolution and sensitivity, and it is dictated by the laws of physics. There is really no way around it. You can have either a low-resolution image, or one that you can't make out anything at all because the image is too dark. Of the two I'll take the low-rez outcome any day.

  9. The glowing orbs over the sea look very familiar.
    On approaching Staverton in Wiltshire, England i observed 5 of them equidistant to each other rather like a 'six' on a dice, and as if i was shocked enough by this vision the 6th one dropped down out of nowhere to join the rest. This was the day after similar orbs were viewed off the north Cornish coast, than seen over Frome, cavorting for anyone who could see them.


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