Zerging a Clans Roof Camping Tower – Rust

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This rust wipe I noticed a huge clan compound with a roof camping tower, camping the supermarket and gas station near outpost, after tc griefing them and stealing their turret, I decide to call my zerg to show them how much damage they can cause to their base, we also zerged the crate at water treatment which was pretty funny and crazy

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The only aim in Rust is to survive. To do this you will need to overcome struggles such as hunger, thirst and cold. Build a fire. Build a shelter. Kill animals for meat. Protect yourself from other players, and kill them for meat. Create alliances with other players and form a town. Do whatever it takes to survive.

Outro song: Osoku – Air Bed

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35 thoughts on “Zerging a Clans Roof Camping Tower – Rust

  1. Join the Discord to take part in future Zerg events https://discord.gg/enardo Also be sure to follow me on twitch for the mini zerg events https://www.twitch.tv/enardo

  2. When the music starts playing does anyone else think to themselves "you dont know what hell your about to bring" 🤣🤣🤣 ZERGGGGGGG

  3. What’s fun is building a zerg base that doesn’t look like the cookiecutter bullshit you always see clans making.

    We built pillboxes with turrets guarding entry points, everyone had their own separate homes, we had a unique storage hall with a crafting area wing, and built like roleplayers. We were 34 strong, myself at the helm. Played a few wipes, had some fun with it. Waiting to get a new, better computer after my last one was stolen, then I’m hoping to get the original crew back together, maybe recruit some more people, and play like the good old days.

    We used to take on hackers, and one wipe in particular we had several M249s to help us do it.


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