21 Ways You Are Hurting Your Cat Without Realizing

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In this video, we will talk about 21 ways you are hurting your cat without realizing

Feeding your cat the same food
If you feed your cat one particular type of food for their entire life, they can develop a very strong food preference for that single brand and flavor.
Brand preference is no big deal until you need to change your cat’s food. Even if you think that you won’t change your pet’s diet, you can’t predict when a medical diagnosis might require dietary changes. For example, many cats face kidney problems as they age which require a change of diet.
If you give them the same food all their life, it can be very difficult for them to accept a new food.
Using physical punishment
Although there may be situations that make you lose your patience, it is important to remember that punishment should never be the way to discipline a cat. It doesn’t work. It actually does the opposite of what you want. It causes them stress and they will only become afraid of you.
Cats do not understand the reason for your anger. When you punish them, they have no idea what they have done wrong. And because cats don’t understand that certain behaviors are undesirable, punishment may feel random and inconsistent to them, which can cause them stress, anxiety and fear. It also brings distrust of humans. They can begin to show rejection or even aggression toward you.
One of the best ways to discipline a cat is to reward them when they do something right. The reasoning behind this is that the cat will associate the good behavior with getting a treat.
Lack of hygiene
Cats are very clean animals and they spend a lot of time grooming themselves. A dirty environment makes them stressed and even irritates them, especially if it is concentrated in places where they often hang out, like their litter box, their bed, and their food and water bowls.
A food bowl with leftovers that has a bad smell, a litter box that has not been cleaned, or a dirty bed, will provoke cat-like anger and unwanted behaviors, such as insistent meows, hisses, and depositions in unsuitable places.
Yelling when your cat misbehaves
Yelling is another thing you should never do when disciplining your cat. IYou're just freaking out your pet. Especially when you are upset about something that has happened a while ago. Cats live in the moment and are incapable of associating any punishment with an action that occurred in the past.
You assume that your cat is happy to sleep all day.
Cats are born to kill and hunt prey. We are bringing these natural hunters indoors into our small homes expecting them to live happily without exercising their instincts.
If you don’t provide them any constructive way to exercise, engage their hunting instincts, or mentally stimulate them, your cat will develop behavioral problems. They will get bored, accumulate a lot of energy, making them stressed and anxious.
Letting your cat eat everything
Most people give their cats human food, thinking they are being caring. But, giving cats human food isn’t good for them. Your cat’s digestive system is very different from yours just as their nutritional requirements are different. Make sure to avoid feeding them human food.
Sticking with dry food
Many cats don't like water so they don't drink enough of it. Because of this, they are more prone to developing urinary crystals and even kidney problems. More often than not, this can be prevented simply by adding wet food to your cat's diet.
Thinking That Cats Always Land on Their Feet
This is a common misconception that often leads to injured cats because many cat owners take it literally.
Never ever hold a cat upside down and then drop them to see if they manage to flip over. And make sure your cat doesn’t have access to open windows, and that they can’t fall from your balcony.
Every year, animal hospitals treat cats who have fallen from great heights, often out of windows of multi-story buildings.
Assuming that cats are low-maintenance
As with any other pet in your house, cats need particular care with their vaccinations, deworming treatments, suitable hygiene, mental stimulation, socialization and physical activity. Neglecting any of their needs can lead to health problems.
Assuming indoor cats can’t get fleas or other parasites
Fleas and ticks can cause skin irritation, severe allergic reactions and even carry diseases and lead to serious health problems in your pets. And you can’t assume your indoor cat is safe from pests. Doors open and window screens aren’t foolproof. If you bring in ticks or even mosquitoes, your pet could be exposed to heartworms, Lyme disease, or even the plague.
Common signs that a cat might be suffering from a flea infestation are intense and frantic scratching or biting, patchy hair loss, or lethargy.
Simple monthly preventive medications and anti-flea treatments will kill any fleas that may have found their way onto your cat.


31 thoughts on “21 Ways You Are Hurting Your Cat Without Realizing

  1. I don’t like when the girl around the block hits her dog in the rear when the dog does nothing wrong😢 she’s just cruel

  2. to everyone who says cats understand when yelled at:
    they still don't learn. If the cat is alone at home, it will be nonsense again. She's also more confused because she doesn't know when she might be doing something wrong. Whenever I come my cat stops playing with the little ball and runs away because she is not allowed to play with food

  3. A little slaping never hurted, on the oposite, if you dont want your cat climbing on the food counter slap them once or twice and when they just look instead of trying to steal reward them. Inconsistent punishment is bad, consistent one folowed by reward is not.

  4. Cats juzz know .. that they are doing wrong… n juzz punish them when they do wrong.. because.. when u punish them they actually know….why u punished them… I have 4 cats.. n punished them for litter.. now they are well mannered🤣

  5. "…so it is best to get them a waterfountain."
    Are you kidding? I do not think it was a problem back in the day. Not to mention the waste of water.

  6. That shit about the punishment is bullshit 100% bullshit they understand when they done something wrong I got proof of it. And What the fuck you mean don't like water That's all my cat drinks, with ice.

  7. It never occurred to cat owners that the reason they develop kidney disease is because they have been eating the same dry fake food their whole life. I don't understand anybody smart, knowing what cats eat naturally, would think commercial dry kibbles is the right food to feed an animal.

  8. Cats need their teeth clean as much as you do…….LOL! Don't feed them human food..What do they mean by human food? Man made food? Cats are carnivorous, they eat meat and fish. So do I. Giving some of my rotisserie chicken or fish to my cats is a good thing. And if I run out of cat food, they don't turn down the healthy organic, grain free, carnivorous part of my diet.

  9. My mom trows sliper at our cat bc he peed in the living room and he's old too but now i know i need to tell my mom not to do it

  10. Excuse, me but I, don't scold my, Kitty in a loud
    Voice only, in a soft, voice another thing, that I do
    Is give her, a scratch on her fur and some Kitty

  11. When I say no 1 cat listens and will never do it again and another will look at me and actually swat the air in rebellion and the 3rd just doesn't know what the hell I mean.

  12. this is hard for me bc i am only 14 so i cant get my cat stuff that he needs bc i have no money and when i tell my mom to get him stuff she says "i dont have any extra money" and when she says she will she procrastinates for a while 🙄 sometimes it never happens

  13. 1. My cat definitely knows when he's not supposed to do something
    2. They couldn't be less interested in running water
    3. My cats vomit more than once a year and regularly visit the vet. They're completely healthy.

  14. Thank you for making these dog and cat videos! Me and my family are gonna have a cat and dog after our new house, and we want the best for them! Again, thank you:)

  15. Reading the sheer volume of "Nope, my cat DOES understand when they've done something wrong" gives me hope. My kitty is quite literally my closest friend in the entire world, but she still does things she's not supposed to sometimes (Including dangerous things like chewing cords once in a while) and she not only knows what I mean when I tell her no, she sasses me if it's something she really wants to do like keep walking on a cupboard/table surface. But, I also understand she's curious. I'm not just here to deny her wishes, I'm here to be her friend and she knows this. So, when she's curious about stuff she can't really do or can't get too, I'll often help her. I often pick her up and hold her close to whatever she showed interest in and she studies it intently, then once she's done and starts ignoring it, I know she's done, I put her down and she's fine. 🙂 It's also adorable when we team up. If she sees a fly buzzing about, I'll often scoop her up and then hold her gently, but firmly and securely and in such a way as to have her front kitty arms loose so I can get her close to the fly and then she does the swatting. The first time I did it, she spooked and for the first few seconds she was like "What in gods name are you doing?!?!?!"… Then suddenly "What are you.. Oh! AWESOME!". Then I get to hold a tiny flailing predator who gets the job done.

  16. Brushing cat’s teeth is not necessary, never done it in the 16 year we’ve had our cat and she is perfectly fine

  17. Our cat Tony (RIP) prayed to be left alone. Our daughter at the time who was 6 or 7 everytime she say Tony the cat she was always pickin him up. When he thought he was safe he wasn't. She even got stuck under the bed chasing Tony to the point he tried to hid under our brothers bed. Tony could never catch a break unless my daughters was a sleep.

  18. If you reward the cat for doing right things with treats then won't it get upset when you don't give it a treat for doing something right


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