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Are there things that are universal turn-offs for *all* cats? Every cat is an individual, but, short answer? Yes. Take a look at this list and then, armed with the the physical, mental and evolutionary inner workings of your cat, you can be proactive instead of waiting for him or her to say, β€œget that away from me!!”

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37 thoughts on “8 Things Cats HATE!

  1. Strangely my cat loves the onion smell as and he even come close just to sniff at it but ofc I didn't let him lick or eat it or anywhere really close to it because I know it is poisonous to cat. He also likes riding car too unlike my other cats. I would open the top of carrier door and he will be standing up, putting his paw at the corner of carrier curious looking at surrounding. He is not meowing at all and his pupil is normal too while he is at it. He just stay in the carrier until we reached our destination (mostly vet visit). What's more we didn't expose him to riding cat thing at all yet he is comfy with it even the first time he got into it. My sister called him a weird cat as he likes to do things other cats hate but those traits are things that make everyone love him because he is so unique and adorable✨😍

  2. Regarding the cold for cats, I feed two strays in my old apartment complex and have hidden crafted shelters with straw. However, my question is, do strays and ferals over time build up a tolerance for snow and cold? I noticed they only come out to eat when I call for them but other than that they find a sunny spot out of the snow or stay in the shelter.

  3. Years ago I had to be out of town for two whole weeks. A neighbor came in daily and fed and scooped. When I came home and walked through the door, he came running and was overwhelmingly loving and rubbed on me and was petted and loved up. A little while later I turned my back and walked down the hall to the bedroom and suddenly I was NAILED in the leg by an orange blur with teeth! THERE! That ought to teach me never to go away again!

  4. I saw someone pushing a cat in a stroller wearing a pink tutu and I immediately didn't like this person. Like C'mon man lol. To be fair though the dressing your cat or dog is for the most part a woman issue. I wonder if they defend themselves with a feminist argument. My cat my Life. At least your not a Pug. Those dogs have zero chance

  5. My cat also hates loud noises or quick motion. But overall he's pretty easy going. We take him to Florida with us every winter and we make the car safe. We keep his harness on but we let him out of the carrier and he doesn't go far.

  6. Yes all my 6 dont like people coming into the house at all… takes a while for a couple to come down but most hide upstairs till its all clear..!

  7. My cat is a bit weird: he loves spicy mayonnaise and watching fireworks out the window.

    Another cat in the family loves getting injections at the vet.

  8. I have to tell my cat to go get under the kitchen cabinet, that's his hiding place, before I turn on the vacuum! He is scared to death of that vacuum! He runs and hides if I walk near the vacuum!

  9. The vacuum cleaner has to be the classic thing that cats hate. A loud box moving about the room like some crazy predator, I'm imagining for a cat

  10. Just stumbled on your channel and I love it! I'm watching this video with my formerly feral Gracie-girl on my lap (also watching, by the way!)…and it's because we follow all of the concepts you talk about…. let them be themselves, don't force interaction, let them come to you. It took me about a year to gain her trust but it's so worth it!!

  11. My cats are freaks of nature. Citrus have no effect on them. I tried lime scent on Christmas tree, and it had absolutely no effect. Both cats also eat herbs, such as mint and cilantro. These cat have no relation, they were adopted at different times and none of our old cats were like this πŸ˜€

  12. 11:11 hi cat lovers, taking an old sheet or an old light blanket something that you can put over the carrier when you take your cats in the carrier for any reason will keep them from getting overstimulated, with everything that is going outside their carrier. I’ve been doing this for two decades and it has kept my cats a little more calm which is what we want is to keep our babies calm. I’m surprised when I do go to the vet, and everyone of their customers cats just sit in there open in front of everything crying so scared were they would be much better off if they were able to hunker down with nothing to see. It’s like some animals you transport them with a blindfold it just makes them more comfortable. And even cats we all know they hide their heads sometimes and they think that you can’t see them, so don’t you think putting a light dark sheet or a blanket over the carrier is the way to go? If I help one kitty by somebody reading this my job is done. β€πŸ•ŠπŸ™ 🐈

  13. Fun fact, my cat is an outside during the day cat, because she loves the grass, dirty and sun. I don’t have a litter box, she goes outside. Which I actually think she likes better

  14. So "my" cat isn't my cat (circumstances) and the people I'm staying with won't let him in the house bc he misbehaves (due to all these reasons, however this isn't my house or my cat so I don't have the right to say anything). It's getting cold and I want to put a sweater on him, but I'm afraid he won't understand why I did that and he absolutely hates it πŸ™ does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can keep him warm without bringing him inside? Once I move, I'm planning on taking him with me, regardless of what they say

  15. My cat goes in my bearded dragon enclosure when I take her out and leave the door open to her enclosure on accident…the cat loves it because of the heat. Luckily the heat lamp is protected so she can’t harm herself going in there. I have to be careful having the two creatures in the same house.

  16. Thank you Galaxy I have been listening to you for years! I have one kitty I have had for years.we have been thru he'll together as we have been thru two fires and just got thru a year of someone b
    Vandalizing home! She is still my kitty and I love her more than anything in this whole world! Her name is Baby Bunkie ad she is my baby and of course my bunkie! Thank you Jackson! We love you!

  17. Adventure Cat, this is my own opinion and would like to know if I'm correct.
    I saw a video on a television chanel that used to be all about music, but today only has about 1 hour a week dedicated to music videos. I know, total Ridiculousness, right? Anyway, the video I saw had a skydiver with his cat strapped into a full body harness to the jumpers chest. That cat looked HORRIFIED as they were poised at the open door ready to jump.
    It is my opinion that you should NEVER EVER EVER F*#$ING EVER TAKE YOUR CAT SKYDIVING!
    Am I wrong?

  18. My cat wanted to sniff a freshly cut lemon once. I like encouraging her curiosity so I was hesitant to let her smell the lemon, but she was insistent so I let her smell it.

    The sheer contortion of her face was HILARIOUS! She even started crying and sneezingβ€”immediately walked away when she smelled the lemon. I laughed at her for the next ten minutes. She’s so cute πŸ˜‚

  19. My cat just hates her liter box. She lays low to the ground as I clean it and then once it’s down she fight it and throws the sand out. That behavior happens almost regardless of if it’s clean atp. She just wants to literally play and fight her box. Been doing it since she was a kitten lmaoπŸ˜…. Idek how to stop it. I just gotta sweep and clean every day. I just gotta deal I guess.

  20. We had a cat that absolutely loved playing in the snow. She would jump in and burrow under the snow, leaving a trail mound like cartoons. then the trail would stop, and she'd stick her legs straight up out of the snow, and then pull them back under. Then, she would burrow a little further and explode out of the snow, and bounce around.

  21. I adopted a cat that was 8 years old. I used scented cat litter at the time. After having him for a while, he quit doing his business in the litter, but would urinate, even though he had accidents with that as well. I tried everything. Took him to the vet, they found nothing wrong, I called cat experts, I did what they told me, and still, no change. I don't adopt animals and take them back if they are a problem, I am in it for life! Finally, a vet tech told me to use fragrance free cat litter. That solved the problem, he is 12 now, and he goes in the litter all the time.

  22. Do cats also dislike candles, air freshener, incents things like that? I just wondered since you said cats don't like strong smells.


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