Aliens Are Real, Says Harvard Astronomer

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When an object called ʻOumuamua' was detected flying through our solar system in 2017, scientists were baffled by its strange behavior. Many said it was just a bizarre space rock, but Harvard astrophysicist Avi Loeb believes it was most likely a relic of an alien civilization. And he thinks you should believe that too.

In this episode of The Space Show, Motherboard reporter Becky Ferreira speaks with Professor Avi Loeb, chair of Harvard's astronomy department and author of the new book “Extraterrestrial.”

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38 thoughts on “Aliens Are Real, Says Harvard Astronomer

  1. It was a cigar shape spaceship, it was from a benevolent lizard species called saurians, that's right, they're of earth, evolved from dinosaurs

  2. Congress 24 Hours after the Aliens landed on Earth*
    "We have passed a new Bill, called; The Extraterrestrial Taxation Act."

  3. We killed every species that means I'm ahead of the dimension realm connecting to my reality because my power zone is ahead of you and you're not depending on us

  4. Avi just said it took Oumuamua 10,000 years to cross our solar system. @2:22 That does not sound right.
    I thought it passed right through in 2017 and used the sun to sligshot and change course.

  5. The only reason why is because they have no option to some many people are seeing them now and capturing it on video

  6. It's not aliens stupid people and non people. It's angels and demons from 4d,5d,6d,7d and so on. We are only 3d. It's real simple.

  7. "They have all those inventive and creative ways to kill other people but like… They're the only people there, they haven't ever even contacted anyone else wtf. Put it on stealth mode and bypass that frickin planet for sure."

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  9. im convinced that IF ALIEN life exist were not supposed to make contact because either we would contaminate them or they would do us
    so all this Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence is big waste of time im sitting here laughing at these people who say aliens are real because i think
    there all a bunch of dummies I DO NOT BELIEVE IN ALIENS!!!!!! but you go ahead and have fun with that if that makes you happy

  10. Dont need Harward astronomer to tell whether aliens exists or not, whether my perception is worth less than the harward. They try to destroy the ability for people to have common sense by validating through such mediums. dr. Steven Greere has already revealed many things, Vedic scriptures have reveaed even more phenomenon than anyone thousands of years before so why fuss? Their intent is to spread fear and slowly keep people wandering by chasing stupid micorbial life on mars when there are known civilizations in outer space. – More than Aliens it is those who control this information, technology are a greater threat to humanity as they propogaate fear, control, power, monety for war through fear and genetic engineering their own vesions of alien for abductions, technologies like tr3b – these clown scientists who wants credit for their phd's as if they are have doing favors to the world spit out opinions out of their a@@ being in their pocket or out of loop themselves with their ego hats.

  11. You are holding the real alien in your hand. We created it. It knows everything about you. It knows more than you. It's sees you … More than you

  12. it is arrogant for any of us to assume that we are alone in the vastness of the universe. the elements that are required for life to begin are abundant almost everywhere in the universe, so it's almost a 100% certainty that somewhere, or some time, there is extra terrestrial life in the universe.

  13. Ask this question Earth was not created but yet the person who created it must have been what an alien? Even if we call him God

  14. The astrophysicists that say it's not worth considering are involed with government black projects and are repeating propaganda…
    There are aliens and we have been in close contact with more than one race for decades…or not.

  15. Wow this guy seems full of himself .I wonder if he includes himself in the judgements he passes on the rest of humanity .

  16. Most do scientific research for the accolades. A few do it to push mankind beyond the obvious. The latter is the reason we may one day become interstellar beings.

  17. My uncle is an alien. It says on his residency card. He's from another country. Now an extraterrestrial alien I have yet to see.

  18. We are the aliens. Including the animals. Dinosaurs 🦕 and whatever else existed on other planets that we don't know about it's history with life ever. Just like us. What if earth ended. Who's out there to vouch for our existence 🤔. The fact is one powerful intelligent creative spirit/ghost like no other has always existed dwelling in the universe before he created earth. Perfect set up I would say. What would you do with all that transforming transcending mental powers ideas 💡 if you was a God that can manipulate protons and etoms. Something VERY VERY VERY small beyond your imagination that he decided to tingle with until it became fitted to take its course. What would you do with all that power? Imagine you are a ghost/ spirit in the form of what we look like. If he can think of living things and create them what makes you think he doesn't have his own ufo 🛸 🤔. All of our creator imagination, thoughts and wonders what it would be like isn't being wasted. That's including what came before earth , us, and what's possible to come after earth. What else up his sleeves. We dealing with a real grand spirit/ ghost like no other. Exactly what you know he will be if he didn't create earth. Never looked upon by us as a God. Unless we was trapped screaming at him to unleash us inside his will. Like I said all of trillions of ideas 💡 our creator can bring into existence different species will be created. Even down to the nagging mosquitoes. Our creator an alien. Not out of disrespect. Intelligent life form we wouldn't know of. But now we can learn about him. Alien suspect is Ghost/spirit/God. Beyond your own imagination

  19. How sad people don't want to even think about alien technology, sound like i don't know what this is but it's not that 😕


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