Ancient Aliens: UFO Investigation Reveals Another Dimension (Season 18)

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A team of remote viewers and sky watchers take to Mount Adams to perform an intricate experiment, in this clip from Season 18, “Ancient Aliens On Location: The UFO Investigations.”


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“Ancient Aliens” explores the controversial theory that extraterrestrials have visited Earth for millions of years.

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48 thoughts on “Ancient Aliens: UFO Investigation Reveals Another Dimension (Season 18)

  1. Watch all new episodes of Ancient Aliens, Fridays at 9/8c, and stay up to date on all of your favorite The HISTORY Channel shows at

  2. me and my dear old Mother have psychic abilities. We were born with it. It runs in the family tree… Ive had visions since i was a little kid. I can locate lost items, animals. I see accidents before they happens, that saved me and my sons life many years ago. We had tickets to a train that ended up crashing into an ongoing cargo train, the Åstad accident in Norway. I had a vision the night before departure. Its a tool . The world is so much bigger than we think. my mother have waay more abilities than me

  3. Need to ask people about their encounters and see if their is a pattern of resources example a nuclear power site ect

  4. There has got to be a me doing way better in life. I want to go to that dimension and take over his spot. If i get his powers then im trying to be The One.

  5. I've seen that same really fast moving objects like the 1 they saw many times & have argued with people befote that, that's too high & fast for any plane or something!

  6. I’m just a couple of minutes end of this and I can already see the there’s a base in the mountain the tall Whites or the gray one of the two

  7. It was really creepy because I couldn't even hear the military aircraft and the power went out it was like there was silence really creepy

  8. I used to like ancient aliens but it's turned into such a conglomerate it's a bunch of BS what they're looking at in the sky is a bunch of space junk if aliens were there they wouldn't just fly and slow direct movement and if they were really really there I don't think we would see them at all it's so sad to think the people are so gullible wow stop supporting ancient aliens

  9. Reflection of the Sun on objects in the sky that high … They don't disappear… You are at the wrong angle to see them now, that's All … Watch them all the time…. Kernville California

  10. there is no one at least in this solar system who wants to find other life forms more than me, but I refuse to support these attention catching idiots.

  11. I found remote viewing kinda ineffective. How can one know the remote viewers dont made things up? It seems it violates the scientific method.

  12. people watching didnt know that those UFOs are already piloted by US airforce men and they are gonna land it in their secret hangar in Area 51.

  13. See them lights every night where i live do some weird things come from space in a blink of the eye stop then split in two one goes one way one goes the other very slowly exactly the same height but travel opposite direction and get darker
    Then blow dark orange see red dogs once same night is cut feed for seeIng red
    Orbs and eight at same time

  14. Folding dimensions using Yeshua's living cube math, I have made a fusion suit if my own design an I scale the tower of the High Valcanizer and descend into the Necropolis of the Necromonger of Necrophilia to smudge out their Coke Coal fires that are billowing smoke without end.
    I have found Ghenna.

  15. Wouldn't have been nice if they did the differences when people show up and pay……no, ECETI just pointed everything out as a UFO. And it seemed more like a circus with crystals


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