Astronautics Expert Reacts to UFO Videos

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As the United States military releases new unseen footage of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, or UAPs, otherwise known as UFOs, the general public has questions. USC lecturer Madhu Thangavelu breaks down the videos and helps us make sense of what we are seeing.

0:00 Intro
0:31 Flyby
1:11 Gimbal
2:16 GoFast
3:40 Tic Tac
4:59 Chilean Navy Helicopter
6:05 Mexican Air-force
7:54 Islamabad, Pakistan UFO
8:52 Aguadilla, Puerto Rico
9:56 Outro

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28 thoughts on “Astronautics Expert Reacts to UFO Videos

  1. The ego of these representatives is amazing …He says "they seem to be lacking an exhaust system from which we use on our vehicles" instead of saying they are superior to exhaust systems. They are definitely returning!!!!♥️

  2. The object in GOFAST is not moving. It is hovering at around 4km altitude. I can't believe how a scientist got that wrong.

  3. The one in Mexico with the two diamond shaped heat sources and the stream trail seen in infrared is actually in some Ancient South American cave painting from back in the day…so RocknRoll

  4. the fact that scientists are talking about this in public is a great step forward. we know there not a threat or we wouldn't be here. throughout history there's remarks on flying objects as far back as the bible means its definitely not any nations tech. the days of swamp gas are long behind us now. so hopefully we'll finally get the answers we already know to be the truth. unfortunately our governments around the world look at it like if we can't control it or understand it they class it as a threat. that's probably the only reason they don't want to make official contact with us all.

  5. The one where its exhausting out fumes (somewhere in the middle) they should go back to the area that thing did that over and test the villagers for any health conditions. Ive been telling people these are demonic. The ones that are very open to this like Dr Greer never give glory to God and when they do mention God its extremely brief like they dont want to talk more about him but more about the ufo and the conscious world that they go back and forth from. Just be careful guys. You heard the warning here first.

  6. They are all created by the US to fool our enemies into thinking we have far more advanced technology than we do.

  7. The fact that the government is admitting to these things existing without knowing what they are rings alarm bells for me. It makes me think they know more than they are letting on. It makes me think they are ours, created by humans, and we ( the public) are being set up to be bamboozled.

  8. When that thing goes into the water at that speed with ZERO rooster tail makes me think something is fishy. It is not just that it is flying into water. It is that the water doesn't know about it.

  9. first clip and i already knew this guy was an idiot, he claims an object overtaking an f18 is a balloon, okay great job.

  10. This is incredible. I am a Physicist too and I saw an non-human object flying very close to me (like 30 meters away) in 2011. Obviously since then I am a believer those things are here on earth in many sort of forms.

  11. Why airforce not fire a missile when the ufo locked? .. Next time just push the button and see what that ufo made from..

  12. whatever data the government has is as little use to us as it is to them. our lack of comprehension is equal to theirs on the scales involved

  13. I wager 1 billion dollars there will never be a clear authentic alien craft photo. As soon as they are clear and not these grainy heat signature its always just a normal object,

  14. There are so many things we don't know about our world. I believe there are many things in nature that is beyond our understanding.

    There is a crustacean in the ocean that can punch light into existence (rainbow shrimp), there are animals that can change the color of their skin(chameleons cuddle fish, etc), animals that can smell color, and see sounds.

    We have animals that can survive being frozen, animals that can become young again(a type of jellyfish I forgot the name of). When our clouds condense in just the right way, light from the sun will dance on it(flash crown), there is red lightning, and mushrooms that can break down oil and plastic all for the purpose of putting nutrients back into the soil so that life can start again. There are so many things that we thought were too bizarre to exist and yet they do .

    This is just another part of nature that we haven't figured out yet. Weather it's other worldy or not, it's beautiful.

  15. Good analysis. We might not even be able to correctly percieve these uap’s. We are limited by our senses. Hopefully there will be even more and better monitoring of these phenomenon. Utilizing technology that can give us much more information.

  16. My whole life I believed in ufos. Now we get some official recognition that there is something going on. And now I think it’s just all nonsense.

  17. The phenomenon is most certainly real. The reason for the secrecy however isn’t because they’re aliens. The “truth” is fundamentally disturbing and almost incomprehensible to the typical human mind. Saying it’s aliens would be acknowledging like .05% of the totality of the situation.

  18. Humanity is not yet ready to make contact with these beings. Think about this, 2000 years ago we would use swords to destroy ourselves, now we use missiles to do the same thing, have we evolved enough to make contact? I don't think so and neither do they.


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