Camping trip to Williams, AZ ~ Jovies first time seeing bears at Bearizona

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Going on a camping trip to Williams, AZ to take Jovie to Bearizona for her first time! This is also the first time Towing the trailer with the new Firestone airbags installed.

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21 thoughts on “Camping trip to Williams, AZ ~ Jovies first time seeing bears at Bearizona

  1. That's so cool to see that many bears in one spot. We were just in the Smoky Mountains in Gatlinburg TN and saw a couple smaller bears out in the woods. Such beautiful animals!

  2. That place looked very cool. Great for the kids. Jovie is so big and cute. You are doing a wonderful job mama. Dad is taking good care of the home and rig too. Hi Annie!!! Cheers 😘🥂😘

  3. There was definitely more bears than the last time you were there. Jovie is getting so big. She isa cutie. Have fun camping.

  4. Love Bearazona!! Camping was interesting… lol. We will discuss that next time. Jovie and the pets have adjusted well to the new RV. 😊💕

  5. Nice to see you guys camping again and exploring. Jovie looks happy and Annie was barking at those bears to move out of the way. Many Blessings 🙏🏻🥰

  6. That was fun, never knew about that area. You can hook the tether strap to one of the front seat runners, its bolted to the floor and many people do it, it stabilizes the seat better from behind.


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