Cat Obsessed With Baby Brother Thinks He’s Also A Baby | The Dodo Cat Crazy

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Cat obsessed with baby brother thinks he's also a baby — he even steals his Elmo and uses a baby rocker to watch TV 😹💕

Special thanks to Wilbur, Charlie & Amanda! Follow along on TikTok:

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43 thoughts on “Cat Obsessed With Baby Brother Thinks He’s Also A Baby | The Dodo Cat Crazy

  1. I was fortunate to have this very same upbringing. Been with cats ever since I was a toddler and they taught me love and gentleness. I learned later how to feed and groom them. When I have kids, I will do the same as I truly believe having a small friend that needs and loves you enhances your life and makes you merciful to the needs of others.

  2. I named one of my orange tabbies Charlie. I had a grandpa Charlie.
    I also love the name Wilbur. They're such cute boys' names. I love the companionship they give each other 🥰😻
    Charlie will be good with all animals for the rest of his life. 🥰😍

  3. I have two tiny kittens, both from different mamma's, they get tuna all day long to help with strong bones and teeth and they like tater totes every other day. Any new food smell, brings them running because the wanna taste it. Amazon car hop trays.

  4. While Wilbur is a great cat, I must say that the risk of a bite or worse like a scratch to Charlie's face or eyes is just too great of a risk for me. Just cannot take that chance as far as I am concerned. And no disrespect meant toward you.

  5. My neighbor's cat loves hi best buddy–a golden retriever. They play together, sleep together, eat together…you get the picture. One day, while playing, the cat swatted his bb's face. In an instant, the golden retriever started yelping. A trip to the vet revealed that the cat's claws had scratched his bb's cornea. Surgery followed. So did a very long recovery. Just something to keep in mind when your loving kitty's claws are close to your precious baby's eyes.

  6. I am happy with them… But make sure wiber's hair doesn't spread around as it leads to asthma to charlie… Don't take this comment as a negative one.. just take as my request😊KIDDY CATTY🤩

  7. Ur Baby is so darn cute. That smile🥰 Wilbur sure is a Beautiful little guy. Their Furever Friendship will b just that, A Furever Friendship. I Pray these two have a Happy Healthy Blsd life growing up 2gether 🐈👶 Thank u for sharing video of ur two little guys. GOD BLESS. Sending Huggs n Prayers to Family, Especially the Fur Baby n our little guy Charlie 🙏🤗💙🐾🐾🐈

  8. Thats very hygienic, no doubt. Cat basically sleeping on the babies head. And do not talk to me about how clean cats are. Hair can get stuck on everything and even inhaled. BUt hey we love cats and let them do whatever they want. Ridiculous, baby should be on the first place.

  9. While it looks so sweet and cuddly, it bothers me that the cat has the opportunity to place his paws and teeth on the baby's face, close to his eyes. Cats sometimes do "love" bites and unintentionally pierce the skin. It can be very painful and even dangerous. The friendship looks so sweet, but it is a little too much.


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