Cool CAMPING GADGETS and HACKS! *24-hour Forest Camping Challenge*

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How to survive 24 hours in the forest all alone? With these amazing camping gadgets and outdoor hacks, it's possible. We made a tent on trees, crossed the flowing river, invented a convenient camping toilet and even charged our phone with no electricity😃

0:27 First aid for wasp stings / Poison extraction pump
1:01 Camping chair can be multifunctional / DIY Camping toilet
1:38 Get comfortable even in the forest / Inflatable bed
2:13 Treehouse with the best view / DIY Tent
2:53 Stay clean even in unexpected situations / DIY Camping shower
3:18 Cross the river without problems / Waterproof cases
4:00 Be close to the nature / DIY Birdfeeder
4:30 For fresh outdoor breakfast / Vertical egg cooker
5:04 Pure water should be always available / Water filter
5:35 Pure water always available / Inflatable hangers
6:39 Сompact and useful / Compressed napkin
7:10 Charge with no electricity / Hand-Crank Charger
7:53 If you need some fire / Solar fire starter

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30 thoughts on “Cool CAMPING GADGETS and HACKS! *24-hour Forest Camping Challenge*

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  2. I don't like the one that says because the great outdoors has no vending machine because you don't know if the water is clean there might be bugs or something

  3. I think you put too much Poppy playtime need a new game like a new horror game I know you don’t know this game but it’s called Roblox has a lot of horror games in it like piggy rainbow friends doors and stories


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