Delicious egg dish car camping | DIY light truck camper | 122

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Episode 122: Car camping in the rain forest today. Enjoy being alone quietly in the mountains. Today, we will challenge an original dish that is closed with eggs.

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Goods used
Car sleeping mat
Electric blanket
Single sofa bed
One-person clay pot (Tanuki)
Gas can burner
Hot sandwich maker
Cutting board knife set (giraffe neck)
Sierra Cup Snow Peak
Pocket stove
Gas lighter
Portable power supply Jakuri 1500
Portable power supply Jakuri 1000
Main camera Sony α7c
Main lens Sony FE 14mm f/1.8 GM
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◆ Self-made light camper omnibus
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24 thoughts on “Delicious egg dish car camping | DIY light truck camper | 122

  1. U know some videos u want to keep to urself.. his videos are the ones for me.. par yaar aajkal sabhi log dekh rha h.. ye sahi nahi h

  2. インドからのサブスクライバー🇮🇳食べ物を食べている間、なぜあなたは水を飲まないのですか🤷

  3. Aloha Tabi-ie . I know it`s been a while since my last comment so sorry .Your videos are always in great quality a great quality video gets [ full screen mode ] . I am glad you are still at Twitter. I did miss the music in todays video . I hope you bring that back . See ya next time 🚚 👑🚚

  4. Your videos are very comforting to watch. I prep my own meal and feel like I'm sharing mealtime with you.

    I've seen news of the Tsunami. I hope you are okay.

  5. I always get very relaxed when I watch your videos. Thank you that your doing these videos and I’ll hope the adventure goes on.❤❤❤


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