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🎥 IN THIS EPISODE → We are continuing our tour around Colorado. This video will show you our new favorite FREE camping spot in colorado. Man, is it beautiful. You will not want to miss your chance to see these free epic views. RV boondocking in Colorado is a great way to explore while catching those mountain sunrises and sunsets.

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→ 00:00 The perfect RV boondocking in Colorado
→ 01:38 Creede, Colorado
→ 02:33 Antler's Rio Grande Lodge, Riverside Restaurant, & Campground
→ 03:18 North Clear Creek Falls, Colorado
→ 04:25 Last Chance Mine, Creede, Colorado
→ 06:00 Bachelor Loop Scenic Drive
→ 06:55 Lake San Cristobal, Lake City, Colorado
→ 08:16 RV Boondocking Goodbye & RV Dump

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33 thoughts on “Favorite FREE Camping in Colorado

  1. Do you all use a electronic note pad to keep up with campsites and RV routes? (Apps) instead of using your phones? If so which do you recommend and why? We are looking for something to use that doesn't require our phones being tied up. Thank you.

  2. You didn't mention the outstanding theater in Creede during the summer months. We have seen several shows there and they rival broadway. During covid they had one on the hillside in town. The backdrop was an amazing view. Not to be missed!

  3. Hey CDR!!!! Great video, just WAY too short!!! Would love to have seen more of Creede and surrounding area. Where is the boondocking spot ya'll camped at? Be careful out there!!!

  4. Beautiful area and a magnificent moose! I want to be there so bad! Don’t blame you for loving 🥰 that area, Stacey. Breckinridge is lovely, too. 💜

  5. Hi Phil
    How long have you had your Part 107 license? Who did you go through for your training? Great video from the drone. Looks like a DJI Mavic.

  6. Hi I have never commented on your videos I just want to say you 2 work well together it’s impressive to me we need more people like you I love you just living life come to pa to Amish country maybe intercourse pa I live not far from there would like to say hi keep rocking life you living my dream

  7. We went back to Creede in early May and had a wonderful time…again! Hubs loves fly fishing so the coffee shop stop was a two-fer, a place for me and a place for Hubs. We recently purchased 35 acres in southern CO with a view of the Spanish Peaks and are looking forward to spending more time in the mountains. Loving your Colorado videos; continued safe travels!

  8. The pacific north west is beautiful for sure.
    Really enjoyed watching this clip…it been a while.
    You folks have really upped your game, the drone footage is fantastic,
    Gonna have to fi d some more spare time some how…🙂🙂

  9. So pretty! Haven’t been deep into the mountains of Colo for a long time. We are going to Breckenridge in a month and haven’t been there in 25 yrs so really looking forward for a preview before we get there!

  10. Pretty cool video you guys it's great. But I just want to say it's kind of asinine that you're going to broadcast not just on a local channel but a nationwide and or worldwide channel your favorite free spots in Colorado. Because people aren't ruining our paid spots let's go ahead and broadcast where you can go for free to ruin that not saying you guys are ruining it but all the other idiots that are going to see where you're at

  11. Appreciate the tour of this beautiful area. Also appreciate that you guys show how easy it can be to boondock, even with the big rigs. That’s how we like to camp as well.


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