"NEVER GO CAMPING IN THE OZARKS" | 6 True Horror Stories

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Ozark? More like oh no! These true scary stories will have you shivering with fear!

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0:00 INTRO
0:40 Wendigo of Missouri from Gen
5:20 The Statue of Virgin Mary from Faithful_sigyn
17:14 Creature in Northwest Alabama from Wearfuldragon
22:06 What Happened During the Thunderstorm from TiCranium88
24:35 The Boogeyman from ZombiiJediNinja1
27:17 Skin and Bones from Anonymous

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32 thoughts on “"NEVER GO CAMPING IN THE OZARKS" | 6 True Horror Stories

  1. Hey darkness! Was wondering when Josh Tomar will be back narrating Redwood bureau again, don’t mind the new narrators but Josh is the guy!

  2. You say the funniest things. 😂I’m stilling chuckling over, “if you go camping…” I’m fully an indoor person.

  3. I have lived in southwest Missouri all my 50 + years. I have camped alone deep within the Ozark mountains.
    Fortunately I have never seen anything of that sort.
    But I ask for blessings from God ( Spirit )
    I believe there are things we cannot explain in this world.
    I am glad I have been spared such encounters. 🙏🌀🙏

  4. New here. Great laid-back narration. Really nice to listen to. Liked and Subscribed. Thank you guys for all your effort.

  5. Can’t stop thinking about how she said “my dad was my moms teacher” uhhh like high school teacher or collage teacher!! The story is creepy but more so very sad…

  6. !!!!!!!!!👍👍👍👍👍👍🤣💥👍. FANTASTIC. STORIES. 👍🤣. THOSE. SUICIDE-STORIES. …..!!?(?:"*. THATS. THE. PURPOUSE,. THOUGH!!🫢👏👏👏. FANTASTIC!!!

  7. To the guy in NW Alabama. These guys seem to migrate so that section of forest may be safe next time. They follow fresh water and who knows. The one you saw may be one of the ones born here in Florida. There were 7-8 at one point and now down to one that comes and goes. Its sense of smell can be assaulted by things like vinegar. Imagine the stuff a dog hates. Take a bottle of it with you when you go hunting. If you suspect one is around hunting you just spray a wide area with it and watch it bolt away.

  8. The Catholics r very good at braking the rules of the bible they say they live by. For instance ur not meant to idolize things. A statue is literally idolizism. Unfortunately spirit's and demon's love to attach themselves to anything especially with a face of any kind. Also u should be wary of any dream where things r exactly as they r in real life. I now these days know that is the first sign of a demon around me in my experience.

  9. Obviously the kid in the first story doesn’t know much about Missouri. We do not have moose. We have bear but there very far and few between and just small black bears averaging under 200 lbs. but thank your for the new story I always enjoy listening to you!

  10. I used to live in Lake of the Ozarks. I loved exploring the woods near my home, sometimes though I got the sense of unease

  11. 15:31
    Soooo… your mum bought a statue, and now you have weird dreams about it, because its associated with both religious upbringing overtones, and psychological associated memories of dispair… as an "Expert" on Supernatural and Paranormal Events (because, apparently they're 2 different things; but hey, I read some books, so that means Im an expert -according to every show on TV and Youtube), it sounds like there's NOTHING paranormal going on, outside of what you associate too the Statue.
    The fact that they dont even refer to it later as an "Effigy" or "Shrine" makes me wonder if there is anything about this statue, or if the story submitter just needs to go see a Psychologist to work some issues out.
    …this is why America needs a better healthcare system.

    EDIT: 19:55
    WHY DO THEY ALWAYS SAY THAT?!?! "It sounded like a recording"…in what way? Was there distortion? Did the way it sounded give you a sense of Deja'vu? I really wish they would explain these things better. Granted, I know everyone isnt a wordsmith of Terry Pratchett levels, but if you're going to tell a story, why not tell us the good parts, for those of us who WANT TO KNOW more details about these encounters.

    Its like that one, it was a story from someone who worked in a mental healthcare building… and they apparently caught the apperitions and stuff on the security camera's… So where is the footage? Release these amazing proof's of evidence of something unexplainable, so we can look and have it checked. Its great people want to share stories… but sometimes thats all it feels like, stories. They dont bring any real, HARD, evidence of the paranormal; they bring circumstantial evidence, analysis from not the same place, examples of evidence or just straight hear-say.
    If you have evidence, reach out to ACTUAL scientific professionals to look at it…I assure you, science doesn't want to disprove the paranormal or supernatural; it just wants the evidence it exists! …and things like a foot caste, is not proof of bigfoot; nor is synthetic hair from a gorilla costume.

    Whats the saying? I want to Believe…but its hard when everyone is running 'round with upside saucer's hanging from fishing lines…

  12. There’s gotta be a way you guys (narrators) can make it to tiktok, app needs more mix content, that one conspiracy/morbid facts dude did.

  13. Being brought up Roman Catholic the story of the statue Virgin Mary got my attention. What ever affect the mother. It seem to attach itself to the statue. It could be the statue not being bless too!. It's where the negative energy collect itself.


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