Scientists Terrifying New Discovery In Australia Changes Everything!

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This is a map of Australia, the seventh and the oldest, flattest and driest inhabited continent on planet Earth. This megadiverse part of the world is a vibrant combination of landscapes and climates. You might have noticed that the central parts of the map are yellower, that's because the centre of Australia is mainly desert but taking a closer look, you will realize that there are lush green rainforests in the northeast and mountain ranges in the southeastern part. Great Britain claimed Australia's eastern half in the 1770s, but this land has been home to the indigenous Australians for around 65,000 years. Surrounded by the Indiana and Pacific oceans, Australia is the sixth largest country in the world by total area. Because of its massive size and isolation from the rest of the world, it has been labelled the “island continent” and is sometimes regarded as the world's largest island. This incredibly diverse terrain is home to some of the most ancient and extraordinary cultures, flora and fauna. It also holds many scientific, biological and archaeological secrets. Recent discoveries made in Australia have baffled scientists as well as historians all around the globe. From thousands of years old murder mysteries to a natural glow in the dark tunnel, all sorts of unfathomable things have been found in the land of Kangaroos. And in this video, we'll be telling you all about these discoveries and more.

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44 thoughts on “Scientists Terrifying New Discovery In Australia Changes Everything!

  1. I've been stung by those damn plants on my shin, they pain was horrendous and lasted about 2 weeks. They usually grow in warm sub tropical areas like Queensland.

  2. They have quarries for these tools in other spots.The ancient volcanoes along the east coast where the basalt and shale like rocks are found are the places they would go to get their tools.The edges on those rocks when cracked can be very sharp.

  3. i live in ark and we have glow worms out here i only seen them 1 time in my life and we all thought we were trippin i never seen anything like it we were up on a mountain top in a mud clay erea where people dump stuff and they were all around it was amazing and ive never heard anyone else talk about them in ark #bless

  4. The cunjibouy is the antidote of the Gympie Gympie it always grows near by a river suckulant crush the leaves and rub on netle sting

  5. Some of those people you show are Papua New Guinean not First Nation Australian. They are very different in appearance and culture. Maybe double check that sort of thing in the future. Great video!

  6. I don't think anyone has committed suicide because of Gimpy Gimpy. But it does hurt. And Horizontal Falls are amazing! But save your money kids, U can only see them from a light aircraft flight.

  7. Wonder if true or fake as we are
    constantly feed lies, to make one race look good. It’s fabricated and false, history is changing as we speak

  8. I am sorry Australia, after seeing those termite mounds and the Gimpie Gimpie plant, I canceled my tickets to your country.

  9. Ok one of the problems of our world is scientists. The body found was concluded many cared about the man because his head was carefully put on mount of sand. .
    Just because you write a paper with proof of what you say does not make it true . .

  10. Apparently ,termites cause 40 times more co2 than humans ?.so destroy 1 in 40 termite mounds and co2 problem is solved

  11. Maybe the point about the termite columns is not, that they are aligned N-S but maximum area during facing the sun during certain times of a day to maximize the ventilation effect of their nest below?

  12. A soldier wiped his ass with 1 of these leaves..they found him with a bullet hole in his head and a pistol in his hand ..animals have thrown themselves of cliffs to escape the pain of gimpi gimpi..

  13. There have been ancient aliens here for way longer then we will ever know and we are aliens and are called humans get with the program people

  14. If the indigenous people of Australia were so innovative and technological how come they never invented the bow and arrow or the wheel lol?


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