The history of the world according to cats – Eva-Maria Geigl

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In ancient times, wildcats were fierce carnivorous hunters. And unlike dogs, who have undergone centuries of selective breeding, modern cats are genetically very similar to ancient cats. How did these solitary, fierce predators become our sofa sidekicks? Eva-Maria Geigl traces the domestication of the modern house cat.

Lesson by Eva-Maria Geigl, directed by Chintis Lundgren.

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34 thoughts on “The history of the world according to cats – Eva-Maria Geigl

  1. Cats have never seen themselves as a pet, they see themselves as roommates or landlords than pets…. Some might even look at you as part of the pack but that's usually w/ multiple animals or people in a close environment.

  2. I love cats! Unfortunately my husband is allergic to them I had one named Lilly growing and I swear she was no different than a person, she had mood swings would love on you when she it seemed fit and if you are worthy and would pop you on the head or where ever to put you in your place rip Lilly queen 🦋💕

  3. But obviously I can see that most of the modern cats now have hardly lifted their fingers to become the real hunters 🙂 They are even afraid of their “used to” preys – rodents :)))

  4. When I come home after school…
    My dogs: Human! You've returned! happily runs to me before I even open the door
    My cat: You're five minutes late. Where's my food?

  5. Sadly, the very thing that made them useful is the very thing that makes many of them terrible. Cats are one of the worst invasive species on the planet and murder billions of birds each year. Keep your cats indoors or walk them on a leash, don’t let your cat become a problem and don’t be an irresponsible cat owner!

  6. Is no-one gonna mention the epicness of the sound effects used for the cats? I could watch this video on repeat just for those LOL. The best one is probably the hiss at 02:02.


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