“The Most Extraordinary Footage of all” – UNKNOWN UFO IN CALIFORNIA | Ancient Aliens | #Shorts

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Cameras catch a strange Unidentified Ariel Vehicle (UAV) flying above the California skies, in this Ancient Aliens clip.

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“Ancient Aliens” explores the controversial theory that extraterrestrials have visited Earth for millions of years.

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38 thoughts on ““The Most Extraordinary Footage of all” – UNKNOWN UFO IN CALIFORNIA | Ancient Aliens | #Shorts

  1. Watch all new episodes of Ancient Aliens, Fridays at 8/7c, and next day on The HISTORY Channel website at http://history.com/schedule.

  2. Why won't the aliens ever land and give us the lowdown on what's going on? Perhaps because we're on some kind of twisted alien reality show.

  3. As massive as our universe is, there's gotta be other intelligent life out there… if not it's jus an awful waste of space

  4. I thought this one has been debunked! It's totally the triangular shaped shutter of some lens being used causing some point of light look like a triangle to the image sensor.

  5. If the light going through the lens make it look pyramid shape, doesn't that mean these are not the ones that actually fly around in pyramids??

  6. If it's Aliens… I wonder what they want ?
    Anybody else wondered that??

    Maybe they just tryna show us like "I'm the man… I can fly faster disappear quicker than all y'all" LoL 😂😂

  7. Some civilian scientists did a study in that area and they found out that there is a wormhole located up high in the air and over the water.

  8. Nick Pope is a disinformation agent for the United States, it’s our own crafts being shown to American pilots to create fear and mistrust of aliens which do not want to attack earth.

  9. I saw a cigar shape UAP in 2008 when I was living in Fort Worth , Texas…
    Imagine 5 x 2 school buses glued together in Cigar Shaped. || —- big cigar shaped object just floating above (no vehicle or air craft exist in the current time to be able to do anti gravity or float above ground)….
    B no

  10. Yes,ufos exist,big foots exist,ghosts exist demons exist and black people vote for a political party (D)who enslaved them killed them and persecuted them for centuries why ?nobody is really sure why.

  11. Yeah when the military gives you stuff like that it’s most likely a secret technology they’re testing out, but I guess aliens is these peoples first answer for anything suspicious seen😂

  12. I’m eyes wide open fully awake and I simply do not believe in this type of bs no more !

    Who’s putting out the report and why?

    Who’s sharing the top secret information from a military point of view ?

    I doubt it 👨🏻‍💻 and you should too!

    Worldly deception is AN ANCIENT PRACTICE!



  13. Can't have a fake alien invasion if people don't believe in ufos.
    They may not know what they are but the boys upstairs dam well do and if they weren't ours they would be shot down.

  14. Oh ffs. C'mon. Why would an alien spacecraft have visible lights? Why would they flash EXACTLY like normal aircraft? Please.

  15. I too saw something at night on the sky that was moving with high speed and vanishing and then appears, moves and vanishes. After a little hard thinking and research I came to know it was a FIRE FLY

  16. To any sceptic who refuses to believe the truth ….. the universe is still on going stars and planets are as we speak being created so its in evitable other life will.form in other solar systems being born in future correct …. so u believe that in 9 billion years creation of stars and planets earth only has intelligent life … 😂 law of averages .

  17. Debunk this immediately or never say aliens aren't a topic …at least aliens broo!!🤦🏾🙆🏾🤷🏾🧎🏾

  18. People get ahold of yourselves…please. any joe sausage or peggy pancakes can clearly see with all that blinking that the crafts are simply the U.S. Spaceforce Tr3b crafts. Remember President Trump totally made a new u.s. military division. Folks…they dont fly tanks in space…. Both the tr3b and tic tac ufos are manufactured by Lockheed Martin Skunkworks Division in Palmdale, California. Fact Check🇺🇸

  19. That area seems like a hot bed for strange sightings and I think the Navy should stay there checking things out.
    If anything, it looks kind of exciting.


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