The Science Behind Elon Musk’s Neuralink Brain Chip | WIRED

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Neuralink, Elon Musk’s brain chip, recently pushed back on claims that they violated animal welfare laws a few years ago, while testing on monkeys. This year, the company plans to test on human subjects. What does this mean for brain implant science?

Correction: @ 6:20 – The review period is 30 days, not 90.

Dr. Paul Nuyujukian directs the Brain Interfacing Laboratory at Stanford's Wu Tsai Neurosciences Institute:

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43 thoughts on “The Science Behind Elon Musk’s Neuralink Brain Chip | WIRED

  1. You ridiculous clowns, u will put a chip on my as s , just to know when I sh it, satupid id iots, u are warming people more than you want

  2. Amazing, using the mind to control a communication tool, this is so useful to those with issues. The pong, "Think down, think up", "Win this Game", "Imagine its over there", "Recall the location". Very fascinating!

  3. Testing on animals is outdated and the 1% of animal testing research approved only translates into 0.001% of human trials and most of which fail. This is very shameful that Elon couldn’t innovate in the realm of humanity.

  4. Ya…brain chip army, control them, help few disabled people and kill thousands others! Well, this thing has huge possibilities!

  5. At what cost ? to become transhuman and become a cyborg? Down the road kiss your human right goodbye…getting the mark you loose your salvation with the most high and for what? to be a slave for all eternity? And to loose your supernatural powers and gifts one can only dream about..wake tfu…you can be HACKED who's says that masters computer couldn't be hacked by something or someone that Hates humanity to its Core and your connected to it

  6. never trust this stuff, nothing in this world is ever used for good and even if it is for good, that can only last for so long. todays powers all care about domination thats how it will always be. do yourself a favour and don't merge yourself with this madness, they are pampering you to embrace transhumanism

  7. As soon as these roll out on the production line you can kiss that sweet nectar called ‘free will’ a merry goodbye. Seems like something that the government will highly encourage… 🤔

  8. This could be revolutionary for humans, imagine giving eyes to the blind with a set of cameras, or making the deaf able to hear with microphones.
    And it wouldn't just effect disabled people. I think this could lead to super humans or even cyborgs.
    But there are also huge risks. Our brains and minds are probably the only private spaces that we have now and the fact that humanity is gaining access to it kinda scares me.

  9. Unfortunately…. The typical good intentions are thrown away for something more sinister. If your brain is hooked up to Bluetooth, your mind can get HACKED to make your body do things. I’d rather deal with issues than potentially be a living RC person…
    That’s what they will “offer” you. ‘Shut off pain receptors,’ ‘adjust moods,’ ‘control your sleep habits,’ ‘upload your energy before a workout.’ And then you will spend existence in meta while elites harvest your organs and take your sterile blood.

  10. people are seriously scared of this? are you the same people who freaked out about stem cells? fine usa, how about you just go back to leaches and witch hunting and let the rest of the world develop new technologies

  11. I get being people worried but what can you do? As humans we have to eventually start advancing more and more in technology its not something you can stop

  12. this could either be the beginning of a utopia or the end of the world, play your cards wisely Elon, we trust you. well… most of us.


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