These Paradoxes Keep Scientists Awake At Night! No Solutions!

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These Paradoxes Keep Scientists Awake At Night! No Solutions!
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The human brain is one of the smartest on the planet. But there are some things we just can’t wrap our minds around. One of those is the paradox.
We’ve evolved to think of reality in a specific way, but there are paradoxes out there that suggest reality doesn’t work the way we think it does.
And now some physicists think they have solved a 50 year old paradox…but have they? And what are the other strangest paradoxes? Get ready to find out!

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48 thoughts on “These Paradoxes Keep Scientists Awake At Night! No Solutions!

  1. Most of these are not really paradoxes. They're just hypothetical, which can't be applied to reality. It's like saying plot holes in movies are paradoxes.

  2. At 7:28 your reasoning for the cat thing is terrible and does not relate to the next paradox you talked about. All in all this video is kinda interesting but kinda sucks cuz nothing is explained and if it is, it is explained by a guy with an IQ of 100

  3. Time is exist in the same time, like movie..past, present and future, always exist..but we only feel it at the time we exist..

  4. The cat example must be a grade above my intelligence. Does time not play a factor, because if you leave the cat in that box for a long enough time you can safely assume it would be dead whether you ever observe the outcome or not and it's not as if you have to open the box to know the outcome in that instance. If you leave it in there for a year, you can predict it will be dead and prove right on that prediction 10/10 times upon final observation… in the same sense, if you open the box 1 second after you sealed it you can safely predict the cat would still be alive. The whole alive "and" dead thing isn't registering

  5. Extraterrestrial life is not a paradox. You have to imagine how alien life forms view human life. Imagine this, chimpanzee is the smartest animal yet they have limitations. This is us… Alien life forms have seen our possibilities yet we are making the biggest mistakes and not learning from them. We are so far beneath them that we probably couldn’t even comprehend their presence let alone actual dialogue with them. Also the fact that we are so trigger happy doesn’t make earth all that inviting, being greeted with a shotgun rather than a handshake puts things in perspective about how dangerous we can be. All in all we have a long way too go and unfortunately our resources on earth will be gone by the time we realize that it’s too late.

  6. Everyone listen, yes paradox are impossible to solve, and it's simply because they contain impossible logics, according to me – we can't solve something we can't imagine. Time travel, dead or alive experiment or black hole, we can't even completely visualise those things just like we can't visualise or imagine what higher dimensions would look like or function,that's why we can't solve them. We are do not have administrator control over this world, so we have limited informations. Good day

  7. Time travel is possible but
    Do you want to mess with the time line it would disrupt everything You would create a thousand thousand different reality events

  8. We haven't even tapped into our brain yet it is a complex organ their is above 50percent chance their is life on other planets the problem is the great distance from point a to b only advanced civilization can reach us but be careful they can be hostile

  9. You cannot erase yourself from existence even if you go back and take out your grandparents, what exists here and now will always exist. Even if you go back to the past it has already existed.

  10. if you came back after killing your great grandfather with a time machine, the reality you come back to would just be a world completely warped and different from you remember. the butterfly effect would definitely take massive effect if a persons own existence was thrown out of the mix, especially from that long ago. when you come back, obviously you wont find yourself. you dont exist in that new timeline. want to save yourself? okay. lets say you go back in time again and kill the 'you' that went back in time to kill your great grandfather, before he kills him. lets say that your great grandfather sees you killing what looks to be your twin. now your great grandfather is alive, so you should be, right? wrong. you go back to the future, and now youre in a world where you still dont exist. the world is a little more similar to the one you remember, but still vastly different. some people you know are alive again, but you arent. the butterfly effect where your great grandfather experienced you saving his life from who he thinks is your twin has warped the future. he had sex with your great grandmother (and potentially not even the same person) at a different time, angle, and etc due his mental state being completely changed years before. a different sperm has reached her egg. the people who were going to be your grandparents are different people, different looks, personalities, and everything. your parents are never born. you are never born. you are now unsavable.

  11. Aliens might be amongst us now, and always have been. Why do we assume aliens have a physical form? If they are so “advanced”, why do they still fly around in hub cap looking ships? And the only way to time travel is to find a way to suspend aging, like cryogenics, and that would only be traveling forward…a one way trip. Time travel backwards would be catastrophic and once done would be an endless loop. It’s too much to ponder.

  12. 1. there are no aliens. no paradox
    2. time is like movement, you cant stand in 2 places at the same time and you cannot "time travel" it does not excist just like aliens dont excist. no paradox
    3. time traveling wormholes are a nerd fantasy. no paradox
    dissapointing, im dont even finisch watching the video. bye. paradox.

  13. As soon as we delete our great grandfather's presence; we vanish at the same moment and wont be able to get back.

  14. “You can’t know something is there, until you see it”
    – all religions and their idiot followers ever: “hold my beer”

  15. By the time the species experiment on their planet, improve their intelligence, their planet will already become uninhabitable by their old pollution.

  16. so with the observer theory num 1 if a bunch of blind people where put on an island never seen before the island wouldnt exist?

  17. Radio/TV has only been around for ~100 years (at a commercial scale) and therefore only the stars/planets within 100 light years could have picked up a signal and know of our presence. As the milky way galaxy is 100,000 light years most of our galaxy don't know about us. Why would anyone just come out looking. That doesn't include the 100B-200B galaxies out there.

  18. 1: Fermi Paradox- Answered sufficiently by Leo Szilard
    2/3/4: Bootstrap/Grandfather/Polchinski Paradox- Answered by Niels Bohr and Werner Heisenberg
    5: Observer's Paradox explanation is literally just Schrodinger's Cat lol but it's the same as the previous three, but it can also be attributed to simply not yet creating proper observation equipment that does not interact with photons…. you know they used to think this planet was the center of the universe….
    6: The Black Hole Information Paradox- Answered sufficiently by Don Page

  19. What I find most interesting out of all the paradoxes is that something as small as the human brain has the ability to recognize, study and eventually solve all of them. Its the master key 🔑 that was designed to open all doors. All we have to do is look to self to see that we are the most intelligent design. And understand that we are made in our creators image, not appearance, image…
    Here's a theory.
    What if we stopped looking at us being the most intelligent species on earth and started to realize that were the most intelligent design in the entire universe. Then wouldn't we be the aliens that we are looking for? And when figure out the mysteries of the universe wouldn't that make us God like?

  20. how i see time travel is like this.

    🟥 – past
    🟧 – present
    🟨 – future

    theoretically if we were to travel to the past we assume it would be like this:


    but i think that when we time travel that we’re rewriting the past again so think of it like this

    nothings differnet because the past is being rewritten for our future. So we’re still moving forward in time no matter what it’s just being rewritten.

  21. There are solutions. Eg all The planets in this solar system are inhabited by advanced life.. on higher realms of vibration. There is evidence in the form lf over 600 channeled audio recordings of DIRECT COMMUNICATIONS from them.
    But the main stream doesn’t look into it.

  22. We are the aliens. All other species do not destroy their own environment and breed only to what the environment can support
    Humans are the invasive alien species.


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