VFX Artists STUMPED by New UFO Footage

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Someone sent Niko a UFO video that he just can't explain, so he sits down with the crew to see if together they can figure out which species of alien it is.

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33 thoughts on “VFX Artists STUMPED by New UFO Footage

  1. If you have caught any Alien UFOs, Sasquatch sightings, Ghosts, Crab People, or any other unexplainable phenomena on camera and want us to debunk (or bunk) it, then send it over to debunk@corridordigital.com and you may see it featured in our next video!

  2. the light you are seeing was a laser bouncing off the atmosphere wile filming the sky
    yes it is RAW footage of a real video but it is just a Laser haha nice try

  3. Its not a big deal, I've seen these orbs in daylight, and I know they are nothing you can explain away. Thousands of people have seen stuff. Thousands of ufo footage images. I dont get skeptiks at all. I can understand someone being skeptical of flat earth stuff, but not ufo's, maybe its because I've seen a few in person, I know what I saw.

  4. One thing that wasn't mentioned is the speed it was actually moving relative to the distance of the spectator. Upper winds can pick up to about 120mph, aeroplaines move 460-575mph and helicopters 160mph, now to me this was moving probably about the same, if not slower than a helicopter but faster than the perspective of an aeroplane, relative to the distance of things, the further an object is away from an onlooker the slower it seems to go compared to its actual speed and it looks far higher than helicopters usually go. I'd like to see more about the relative distance. It was clearly going above clouds which can have varying heights depending on mass, windlow, temps etc… but this thing was moving pretty fast for what seems to be a relatively far distance up, even to the potential height of being above an aeroplane making it faster than the onlookers perspective.

    I only comment this as I've seen something similar recently and it has a similar wobble to its line of flight, looked exactly the same, but was literally gone from my view and past the horizon in moments and kept the straight path, and it was very high, and where I was had a high traffic area for planes, it was certainly higher from my perspective, but that's not to say the plane may have been lower, however, the speed of the object from perspective was still faster than a plane.

  5. Because it’s a Timelapse. It’s actually in real time moving "floating" really slow. Could just be a lantern. Maybe they would burn out within 5 hours? Hard to tell. I’ve seen alien craft so. Not a sceptic.

  6. Simple. There are those who don't want to believe because a belief demands a radical change in perspective. There are many evil scumbags who just don't want to be righteous. These corrupt cork sucker's are headed for destruction. Jesus rocks and the rest sucks. Run to him then you will enter into his rest. If not you are a demented moron

  7. You'll find it's travelling at ridiculously fast speed Mach 5+. What happened to the plane space glider explanation?? Think unconventional aircraft not aircraft as we know. Let me tell you. When you see something that doesn't act in way you know how aircraft fly. It plays with your head. I know what I saw. Personally I'd say man made. Until someone in know. Tells me different. Then I'll consider ET interdimentional etc. No didn't get footage. Long story.

  8. How do I send you some ufo footage that is 100% genuine and has an actual identifiable craft in it?

  9. Y'all playing games um in Oklahoma now back when I was in Mississippi over my house as I walked home just so happened to glance up WOW it's just piercing out the clouds not moving at ALL part that was sticking out was circular wit lights around it it just sat there like it see me then tilted an flu off soo fast like a cartoon I just stood there didn't know what to do then walked in the house with my friend all these years later just got back in contact with my friend who verified it to my now wife over the phone couple weeks ago I SEEN an it was HUGE AF

  10. For being so high up, this is not typical UFO sighting material anyway. It moves way WAY too slow. Rarely do you ever see a UFO for 5 minutes, let alone 5 hours. The only time I've heard reports of them moving slow, is when they are very close to the ground- like when they follow you down the road in your car. That was my experience anyway.

  11. If he film it using a glass after camera then is a reflexion from behind the camera …or can be a light who enter inside the objective from left or right. The speed is too big to be man made


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