Why You're Always Tired (and how to fix it)

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The Ultimate Guide To Feeling Less Tired
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Written by: Mitchell Moffit
Edited by: Luka Šarlija


40 thoughts on “Why You're Always Tired (and how to fix it)

  1. 11:50 for me its the opposite, waking up and checking the clock makes me relieved like "omg thank god now I can snooze more hours yay"

  2. Well what if i don't know if I'm a night owl or early bird coz I'm tired waking up and sleeps easily though I just can not sleep before 2 if i have coffee and has no problem waking up early if i get a good long night sleep ESPECIALLY on the weekends, I wake up early without reason

  3. Honeslty for me,I would be tired all the time. Didn’t matter what it was, even with important events I could have slept thru if I didn’t already. Never diagnosed with narcolepsy bc it wasn’t in that case of tiredness, but I had to nap during the day and get a certain amount of sleep if not more. The only time I’ve ever noticed it change was after I got ONE biofeedback session, and now it’s like I have insomnia now. It’s crazy weird. During that time I’ve also changed diet and therapy and a lot of vitamins and hella water (with lemon cucumbers and chia seeds to actually be hydrated), if you feel like you’ve done it all really do biofeedback. Tho it’s something else I gotta work with,at least I can stay awake and more time in a day to do so 🙂

  4. Prolly totally works for people don't actually have any real problems. Oh wait, no, totally useless for anyone with an actual problem. "Hey, try sleeping!" Awesome 👌

  5. If you are always tired and find yourself taking naps, go to a cardiologists. You may have either High Blood Pressure or High Cholesterol leading to Heart Problems later down the road…

    This shit here, won't kill you… But I guess would if you neglected your own health because of it.

  6. Hmm, I am a bit of a night owl. But my work starts at 07.30. So I wake up around 06.00. I cycle to work (45 minutes by e-bicycle, but my first month I did it with a normal bicycle in 70 minutes). I average around 6 hours.

    But I don't really feel tired (I used to when I had very inconsistent sleeping patterns, party to on again off again temporary work, while jobhunting for something in my field of study). I think that morning exercise thing (in my case cycling to work) plays a huge roll here.

    I think it might be better to get around 8 hours for me. But since I started studying in 2010, I think I have averaged around 6 hours. I'd like to go for 8 but 22.00 is like super early for me. Oh well, it works with 6 for me.

  7. Omg i haven’t watched an asap science video in literally years but I’ve been listening the the podcast on occasion. It feels like seeing a radio host after only ever hearing their voice this is weird for me rn 😂. I know your face is on the podcast cover but now im matching your face with your voice and its that weird moment for me. Good video too btw as i watch this at my bed time… 🥲

  8. as a person with insomnia not sure if this will work on not i am just 11yrs old and its 5:20 and idk whats going on i alway feel tried dizzy confused and i am definitely a night owl thank you everone who comments tips and stuff (tysm CookedMeat) ill see if i can try

  9. Watching this video for Tips. Finds out not to nap after 3 PM works as a teacher and gets dismissed after 3 PM and then takes naps that are anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and a half no wonder my sleep schedule is messed up.

  10. What does it mean if I was hands down a night owl and now I can switch between them my sleep wake cycle is so strange I have nearly died twice though mind you

  11. So I'm edgy, Before bed I have a cold shower where at the end of it I turn it to warm to finish off, then I go to bed and practice the Wim Hof breathwork before going to sleep, works like a charm. Plus going through that intense process makes going to bed and being still really relaxing.

  12. thing is i have to bean early bird even when i wanna be a night owl (im gonna be 11 next year) but we have to get up at 6:00AM JUST TO GO TO SCHOOL WHILE MY BROTHER IN HIGHSCHOOL GOES TO SCHOOL AT 8:30AM LIKE I USE TO ITS UNFAIR!!!
    and i get like 4-6 hours of slep, and my light is like literally white but it dosen't really do anything and i only have 1 window in the worst spto in my opinion, and hlaf of school is sitting so, yeah, and i SUCK at schedules so i think im screwed

  13. Also, dont ever use you phone when you’re at your bed, and move your tv into the living room permanently if you happen to have tv in your bedroom, as it unconsciously makes your brain think bed=Electronics time.

  14. i find i feel best on around 10 hours of sleep (prob cause im still growing and shit) but like. those r summer hours. man i have too much homework to go to bed at 6-8 every night lol

  15. I'm autistic and get burnt out very easily, I get tired very fast from any activity, and my best friend is a a sleepless elite with ADHD who can keep going with the same high energy level, talking about complex topics for days without sleep (he usually needs about 4 hours a day), we're pretty much polar opposites in this aspect which is kinda funny


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