[Winter car camping] Stay in the car to enjoy the winter rain alone. | DIY light truck camper | 84

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Episode 84: I stayed in the car with my own light truck camper. This time I'm staying alone in the mountains in the mountains. It's a story about surviving the cold with new bedding while it continues to rain. Please enjoy.

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◆ Self-made light camper omnibus
◆ Vandwelling playlist
◆ Light camper DIY playlist
◆ Other Living Playlist
◆ BGM list used
Shooting equipment SONY α7c
Editing software Adobe Premiere Pro
music by https://artlist.io/
RV for sale Van Pop up trailer campers
Light truck camper mobile house Light truck camper Light truck camper mobile house production Camper DIY Light truck camper Camp Sumber truck Journey Country life Tiny house Van life Car night trailer house Hut mat bed Car battery suitable for car night trip Roadside station light car heating shell used
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41 thoughts on “[Winter car camping] Stay in the car to enjoy the winter rain alone. | DIY light truck camper | 84

  1. Nothing beats sitting by yourself just chilling, having nice warm food to eat whilesitting by the window as it rains. There's something specially calming about that

  2. Perchè scrivi i titoli e la descrizione dei video in italiano? Comunque, sai cucinare veramente bene! Ne sono rimasto colpito.

  3. I have a dream it's to be in Japan sitting next to a window all warm looking outside at all the bright cool buildings while it's raining eating some ramen

  4. mans smart, when he said he only ate half I was thinking he barely ate some, then he pulls up with a thing of noodles


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