xQc Reacts to Beating 5 Scam Arcade Games with Science | Mark Rober

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Video by Mark Rober: https://youtu.be/Rsxao9ptdmI
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33 thoughts on “xQc Reacts to Beating 5 Scam Arcade Games with Science | Mark Rober

  1. 1 guy says kreygasm at the start and 99% of chat blame the entire chat for it. that is the epitome of retardness.

  2. The way that muscle man looked at that piston puncher, almost seemed like a super hero origin story. Like he debated taking it to punch crime.

  3. When X went back to gamba, everyone was complaining of how he streams it to kids yada yada. That he makes if look like if they play they can win too. I brought up how dumb that was and if people think that's a problem, they should complain about arcade games because they're worse. Well…

  4. Bro XQC's incel chat is so annoying sometimes. They get 1-0 guyed about pedophilia and then continue to spam about it for the next 5 minutes instead of actually watching the fucking video.

  5. Immediately as I saw that contraption of a compass that points and calculates how far away their Dad is, all I saw was " I need that Aware "… I died laughing my arse off 💀

  6. Chat has to be disappointing when it comes to seeing females because every single fucking time they see a female they go full on simp mode

  7. Even though stacker is definitely rigged ive won hundreds of dollars worth of gift cards from it, ive definitely won more than ive put in. One time I won 2 back to back 50$ visa cards right after somebody came up to me and told me it was a scam and you can't win lmao.

  8. From Personal experience, I went to an arcade while in South Carolina, and there's a game (he showed it a bit at the end before the ad) where you drop a ball and it lands into a hole. And with like 10-15 bucks, I got 4500 tickets because I got the big jackpot in the middle twice. Definitely 95% luck, 5% skill

  9. 16:10 an arcade near me got new claw machines and the payout rate hadn't been set so me and some friends rinsed the machine and were winning every other go

  10. Oh yeah 16:50 when chat realises that arcades are literally just childrens gamba LULW
    If you tried that in a casino these days you'd get some pretty hard time. The gaming industry is very heavily regulated because they're paying out real money and not tickets, just insane what they get away with for kids, meanwhile LSF screams about gamba streams


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