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ALIENS: Dark Descent Trailer (2023)
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26 thoughts on “ALIENS: DARK DESCENT Trailer (2023)

  1. Good. We don't have enough gruff and badass women barking out orders. So much more desirable than the ones who just making sandwiches.

  2. Seriously another Aliens-themed shooter like Colonial Marines? Why try to revive the mediocrity that was Colonial Marines and not give a sequel to the absolute legend of Alien Isolation? I'll tell you why, because Alien Isolation is not compatible with PvP multiplayer, silly skins and loot boxes. Jeez, how many Alien games and movies need to flop before these guys get the message? Alien is horror in space where no one can come to your rescue and you have nowhere to run. If you can blow the Xenomorph up then it is no longer "the perfect killer" it's just a nuisance. Hopefully they might turn it into something like Eternal Darkness where each enemy is a force of nature that drains your sanity away. That could be somewhat interesting at least.

  3. Alien was perhaps best Sci-Fi movie ever, mixed the great tradition of the 50's monster sci-fi genre with modern film and effects. Aliens 2 blockbuster SciFi-Action film ever. The next 3 or 4 total horrible bombs, never watched more than 20 mins of one and skipped the rest. Seems that trend is continuing here. How about a 2 or 3 movie sequence starting in another system and the Aliens finally make it to Earth, could you imagine a more epic battle….but no…cheesy cartoon game like crap with a 5th time recycled script is the best they can come up with.

  4. When I heard about the game I thought to myself: "Awesome! An alien real-time tactics game!"

    But when I saw the trailer, my anticipation was dampened. After all, what made the Alien films so outstanding was that tension and creepiness were built up long before the alien was even seen. And that the aliens were not mindless cannon fodder, but intelligent and resourceful.
    What can be seen in the trailer? NOTHING! No tension or scary atmosphere. Instead of being shown how the aliens lure the Marines into a trap, they jump right in front of their muzzle barrel. – Did these aliens get their "intelligence" from the Colonial Marines game?

  5. The aliens, after stopping short of disemboweling the crew, should close by forming a rockette kick line and sing "It's A Wonderful World" before hugging the startled crew members who then join them in song. That would be so cool!🤩🤩🤩


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