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A basic camping trip to dust the cobwebs off the bus. First one of the year! I experimented with a little awning and had a relaxing night watching the hockey game. Nothing too exciting this week, but I've had to stay close to home to get people paid designs to workers at the house.


31 thoughts on “Bus Camping In The Rain

  1. SPOILER – I had an issue with the SD card and there is a missing scene in this video. Looking at a dual SD card camera for the future. It could have been worse I suppose. Cheers everyone!

  2. Michigan can be pretty rainy in the fall and in the spring if you're looking to travel and get a good sound of rain on the top of the bus

  3. Miss you Steve but everyone knows you are going through a loss 📉 heaven just gained an angel 😇 ❤️ 🙏 💙 ♥️ 💕

  4. Got alot of anxiety but when i watching your videos i can relax for a bit and forget the real world and just enjoy your adventures!

  5. I’m not into camping (I am thinking about stepping into this field) but watching this video has made me want to not only get a CDL for school buses but most importantly makes me want to do a camping experience

  6. I live on a huge! piece of land outside of Moncton. My best friend owns it, He is getting it ready to make a rehabilitation center for the east coast community in the deep woods, We have a tunnel that is hooked to our house and a huge motel not finished place. its huge. camp out here coyotes and bear deer and moose. We raise pigs and goats. with a river all around us with a island. I'm saying this because if you ever come this way you are welcome to make a great video! Keep on making great videos bud!

  7. Damn I adjust found out what happened… It’s sad how this world works, I really really hope you get on top of it soon and deliver even more amazing content!! Love you Steve!

  8. I thumbed up and clicked save.

    Your bus and video while i analysed it.
    I learned manythings and i ended up realising how much money i will savevin the future.
    I can not say evrything about it but, i promise you that once my legal child support problems are resolved and ended and i finaly see my son i havent seen since 2007 and i get enough money i will buy a bus that length and make some videos and say in one of those video why your video saved me alot of money on my future bus.

    The reason clicked saved is i need something to make sure i dont forget the vital conclusion i got from my analisys.

    So much to say but i will keep it when i am fully healed from my ex destruction when i make videos in far future.

  9. i put onion soup mix in my hamburger all the time its an awesome taste my friends ask me how come their hamburger meat dont taste like yours i said i cant tell u what i put in it cause you wouldnt enjoy it if you come to my house & i dont want to say

  10. Why don't you and Crazy Neighbor do a roadtrip out East in the camper bus? We have plenty of rain out here in the western half of Canada.

    You could make a brewery tour, perhaps?! Montreal has a few well-known breweries, like LaBatt and Molson, and the whole country is littered with amazing microbreweries and craft beers. My personal favourite is the Unibroue company; who makes beers based local legends like the forest nymphs in "Ephemere" and the devil's canoe in "Maudite". And along the way, you and Glenn can eat an ungodly amount of artery-clogging poutines

  11. I'm not joking i could watch Steve decorating and still find it relaxing. Such a chill dude. Thoughts are with you Steve.

  12. Ahh I’ve missed your vids! Life been busy the last three months so I have got quite a few to catch up on. 🥳


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