Radar confirms UFO swarm around Navy warship

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Radar confirms UFO swarm around Navy warship. New evidence has surfaced regarding a swarm of unknown objects that surrounded multiple Navy warships off the coast of San Diego in July 2019.

One of those ships, the USS Omaha, encountered as many as 14 of the UFOs all at the same time.

For two long hours on the night of July 15, 2019, the crew of the Omaha detected on multiple sensor systems unknown objects that surrounded the ship.

One of the objects, a self-illuminated sphere at least six feet in diameter, flew alongside the Omaha for an extended period and was observed through a thermal sensor in the ship’s Combat Information Center (CIC).

Filmmaker Jeremy Corbell released that Navy video and says similar events were reported by 8 other navy ships in the same area over three days.


22 thoughts on “Radar confirms UFO swarm around Navy warship

  1. Wow thats kind of scary. You know its possible that they are living under the waters that you traveled over and they were making sure you weren't there to fight them or something. Just a theory.

  2. The middle picture at 4:31 on this clip is similar to one caught by a Police Wales helicopter off the Wales coast a few years ago.

  3. ​Aliens are Nephilim read Genesis 6 to learn their origin. The Bible was right. And Jesus' name has been used to deliver abductees for years. Jesus the only weapon you need against these evil beings.

  4. I got a little interested in UFO's because of a story my mom told me. She said back in the 70's, maybe 1976 or 1975, when she was 12 years old, an "arrow" shaped flying object suddenly appeared, in her words, "covered the whole town" and it was shining lights. The whole town saw it and my grandmother started panicking because she thought Jesus was coming and she was not ready for the end of the world🤣. It was like the sky was falling down, she said.

  5. 1y later I'm being flooded with this in my yt feed. Am not even a heavy conspiracist makes me think we actually do have these technologies.

  6. They are suppressing free energy. Dr Steven Greer already has disclosed this. The cover ups and disinformation continue

  7. They're advanced humans who have been living inside of the Earth. The inside of our Earth has chambers with stabilized humidity, sometimes none at all, and very comfortable temperatures. Some of them have sunlight, where it shines through the icecaps, illuminating these deep cavernous megachambers like it's day. They access these chambers through holes in the icecaps, deep underwater tunnels that connect to the systems they inhabit, as well as some extremely deep holes around the globe found on the surface also eventually leading to these places.

    Stargates are also real, they have them, they connect to other worlds with other human societies, some diverse with other intelligent lifeforms that are non-human. This is why there has been a massive agenda and effort to push diversity and acceptance of others based on race, gender, identity, and sexuality, as well as tolerance of each others ways. It is to get us ready for the inevitable connection to these worlds.

    Many billionaires are actually from below, as well as politicians, and intelligence agency workers.. It is why the CIA is so involved with Hollywood, and it is why they place so much factual information in movies under the guise of it being fictional. It's also why recently, the US government has provided soft-disclosure of the vehicular crafts, at least. They are pressuring this change because our growth and progress to utilizing nuclear energy doesn't mix with our Hobbesian fear of unfriendly neighbors and death in a world where we think we're marooned and alone with limited resources.. So for the time being, they're on high alert, watching over our conflict and quietly facilitating the changes necessary to safely merge with us..

    Get ready for the "Great Reset" – that is, if we allow it to happen without killing each other. Remember – no matter what happens. Love one another. Help the lifeforms around you. Don't harm them. Do not fear their intent, or death, because death is not the end – your body is only a container for your consciousness. Once you know this, violent fear based reactions become obsolete and will cease to have power over your operation and culture. You are a timeless being, and the universe provides everything you need. It's just a matter of being aware.

    Think of how many ridiculously useless discoveries that have only been made recently, after sitting under mankinds noses for sometimes centuries.. For such an observant lifeform, man can sure miss a whole lot.

  8. They would not let this info get out if it was anything serious or real, it is though a good way to mask or cover up or divert attention elsewhere

  9. Anch io quando pescavo in alto mare incontravo simili oggetti inentificabili con luminosità cangianti e veloci come cursori in uno schermo .Tanto che ad certo punto non ci stupivamo più ed anzi quando non si presentavano ci mancava la loro compagnia.Di solito si posizionavano sopra di noi quando eravamo impegnati a lavorare per qualche ora poi di colpo si allontanavano fino a sparire a velocità sorprendenti.


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