River Salmon Fishing… THEY DON'T PLAY FAIR (Overnight Camping Trip)

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In this episode, join Kyle and his friend Mike as they set out in search of some early-season Chinook salmon in west Michigan. Get ready for this action-packed episode as Kyle is humbled by some powerful fish and shares several helpful tips and tricks throughout the video.


50 thoughts on “River Salmon Fishing… THEY DON'T PLAY FAIR (Overnight Camping Trip)

  1. Great video! Love that you showed all aspects of fishing for those mighty kings! They will surely humble you! You think you have them figured out and they quickly show you that you don't! I felt your excitement.

  2. If can I was thinking about getting my captain license.. which one did u get for the great lakes the oupv. Or the 25,/150, ton license..

  3. Ya should be throwin' Artic Spinners…Also black flies…when all else isn't producing. Great video dawg…see you November for some other chrome!

  4. This is one of your best videos yet!! 👏 Keep it up man, we miss ya!! Let’s plan something soon. 🤘🎣

  5. Why why why why why sounds like me last weekend had 4 solid hookups on cleos and couldn't land one and then also landed a brown on a bead drift

  6. That video was 🔥seriously dude! I can only dream that I could film like you do! The way You captivate an audience is insane! Good work, How many hours did it take for you to edit out this footage?

  7. Kyle, unbelievable video brother!! I seen you In Frankfort at the cleaning station in August and just had to come say hello. The Big Man is where I cut my teeth and spend most of my time chasing these beasts. This video just brings back so many memories of adventures I've had with buddies on that river and just recharges the fire to go after another one. The challenges this river presents with big fish is like no other and watching this I know it's not just ME, it's just part of the Game and the Adventure we chase!!

  8. Hey bud if it's not too much to ask…. I'm in Escanaba for work for the next 3 days I brought all my gear any idea where I should take it for some pure Michigan River kings?

  9. It's nice to see I ain't the only guy who misses bobber downs on the Kangs. Well nice is a poor word but encouraging? Nope not it. Good to know I'm not the only one I guess hahaha. Great video man!

  10. Each video makes me want to get back up. My friends and I been breaking off from these beast. Got lucky and caught and realeased a 42lb hen where we were talking about on the boat.

  11. Well. My 23 yr old daughter and her bf are coming up here Oct 1st. I hope the fish are still biting. He caught a knarly pike today. This will be their first salmon experience on the Manistee. I had coho hitting my legs last Monday.

  12. Hard to stay away 😝 from those Goat ♑ Rodeos, especially on the Big Manistee or PM!? Beautiful Brown Trout, always made my day to catch a nice 👍 Brown fishing for Salmon or Steelhead!

  13. Another amazing video. Looks like it would be worth travelling to the other side of the world to experience that. Unfortunately that’s what I’d have to do to get there 😅

  14. That video was the best one yet just gold content from the narration to the shots …. Absolutely amazing I can’t say enough good stuff this is the best fishing channel 🔥🔥🔥🔥🤗😃

  15. When I see a dude as good as Kyle not landing a fish for awhile, it makes me not feel bad when I don’t land one. That’s what makes this channel so awesome, Capt. Kyle shows you the good the bad and the ugly. Keep the videos coming Kyle. Awesome stuff buddy.


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