Top 3 Insane UFO Encounters Caught on Camera Proving Aliens Exist

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Top 3 Insane UFO Encounters Caught on Camera Proving Aliens Exist
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Ancient Aliens Base Under Ocean:

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23 thoughts on “Top 3 Insane UFO Encounters Caught on Camera Proving Aliens Exist

  1. Hey great coverage. It seems to be a cover up by the world's top governments if I have to guess. We don't really know just how powerful or capable these entities are as well.. it could be their say if they don't want to be seen yet. We are living in a crazy time right now in himan history. Nuclear energy, war, AI and robotics imo have alot to do with why they might be showing up now. The mental gymnastics and painfully slow process of disclosing information on the subject by our gov is tough BUT I do have hope that eventually the truth will present itself to the public. I guess we will see! Keep up the great vids

  2. There’s nothing we can do about aliens. They have met with Admiral Byrd and president Eisenhower and many others.Their here weather we like it or not.They hang out in S America because the women are beautiful. They say earth chicks are easy

  3. "So, without further ado, [at 3.00 out of 8.00 minutes] lets jump right into the video". But even better is the underlying video-footage. Simply animations and snippets of commercials and free videos put together. Thats ridiculous, guys. You asked for comment, here you have it. Animated breast swimming cartoon-aliens? Really? Where is the proof that the title promises? No proof whatsocever anywhere in this video. Not even links to literature or original footage. Nothing. This is simply a video with an interesting topic and some nice pictures, which have nothing to do with the actual cases, that are nothing but stories. There is no link for us to further dig into the story.

  4. "It lies with the one in power, and none more powerful than the govt?" Er… except for the ETS and the craft they use. We only see what they want us to see. Remember, that sky we see when we look up also exists only in our three dimensions. They have complete control not us.

  5. Hi so much lying 😂 about it 😹 little facts here and there the rest a farce, not 🚫 explaining but confusing with fear 😨 mongering, the truth is not told here but dumb down, start with Atlantis and the plasma moon map 🗺️🗾, we are the alien 👾👽

  6. By the way, Albert Einstein was able to see the result of the crash on July 2, 1947 near Roswell with his own eyes. Namely the manned star spaceship with extraterrestrial gray beings, no UFO/UAP. Discoverer extraterrestrials on 01/17/95 JZ

    Why isn't the footage released to the public that clearly shows how I've been making our extraterrestrial brothers dance in their star spacecraft for 27 years? Johann Zdebor Discoverer and contact holder since January 17th, 1995.

  7. My Opinion is that they have mastered time travel. They can come and go anytime they want. and have been here for centuries. We the human race are primitive to them and if they wish could destroy us with ease. but that it not in their agenda. As the world is on a self destruct we will see more,and more, events around the world.They done care if we see them.

  8. I was walking with my friends too the school at night when i saw a ufo up in the sky i tried telling my friends to check up on the sky when i saw it, it flew away very fast n disappered i guess they didn't see it cause i tried telling them to look but they just kept walking.

  9. It’s life forms from the earths past that live in the earth. Dinosaurs ruled the earth for 250 million years but were they alone?


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