How to Secure a Shed or Outbuilding

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In this video, I show several methods I used to secure my garden shed. This method can be used for most sheds or outbuildings that have double-doors installed.

Here, I cover security lighting, an inexpensive audible alarm system, ways to beef up a standard hasp lock, plus a new way to use standard black pipe to bar the door.

My goal with this was to provide a really secure method to secure my shed while also providing convenience for accessing the shed at the same time.


38 thoughts on “How to Secure a Shed or Outbuilding

  1. You don't always know who's going to steal. I have a criminal sister next door that stole a bunch of stuff. She lives next door and was watching to see when I'd be gone. Then she and her thug son ransacked my home.

  2. Great ideas and good job on putting them into practice. I would recommend putting some type of cover over your locks that covers the entire lock and requires a key because anyone with bolt cutters could walk up and be into your shed in less than a minute. Thieves are getting more desperate. Thank you for posting this video.

  3. Hi! I had my handy friend help me secure my shed per your example. The eye bolts were at home Depot like you said. My friend found a 10 ft pipe. It was rusty so I spray painted it black. It's working out great and it looks great too. Thank YOU for the great idea! I lucked out on that pipe BTW, I priced it at $32!

  4. I like your security ideas. Do you have any security for the door hinges? I once had someone take the garage entry door off by removing the teversed hinges and then getting into my home. This happened when we first bought out home years ago and was done by he previous owner.

  5. To everyone pointing out ways to still get in…….no kidding. With enough time, anyone can break into just about anything. The idea is to help deter. Make it harder to get in. We all understand it’s not fort knox.

  6. If they had bolt cutters it would be two cuts on your locks and their in….but with better pad locks that are harder to cut your system seems pretty good

  7. It is just my humble opinion…. but if someone takes off the hinges on the sides they are able to turn the doors, creating an opening. My solution to that issue is to use a square tube with brackets. The tube will not turn therefor UPGRADING your idea. Just a humble upgrade to your wonderful idea…

  8. You need two more I bolts on the outer edge of your doors. If they remove the hinges, they can push it in on the frame side of the door and get in as you don't have a ridged jamb. 24 screws with a drill is about a minute to remove the hinges. they might not be able to get their whole body in, but they might be able to get an arm or a head in and see. maybe a thin person could enter like that 2nd thought of mine would be to just use that nice bar on the outside attach it to a tow strap and yank it with a vehicle. I've seen it done with the bar method your using. basically if someone really wants what you have, they're gonna get it. all you gonna do is slow them down. best of luck to ya!

  9. The hasp will break before the bolts pull thru. That bar across the door is substantial. No getting thru that door. Only way to get in your shed is to go thru the wall and that would involve too much time and noise


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