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25 Best Places to Sleep When Living in Your Car!


The ultimate list of 25 places where you can safely sleep when living in your car. No other video on Youtube has as many spots for vandwellers, car dwellers, RVers, and road trippers to pull into when on the road and get a good night's sleep – without being bothered!

If you live in your car you know what a hassle it is to find a new places to park every night. My hope is that this video can help take away some of that strain by giving you some fresh ideas about where you can stealthily park overnight.

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0:00 Introduction
0:12 Hotel Parking Lots
0:48 Emergency Room Parking Lots
1:17 Campgrounds
1:55 Rest Stops
2:26 Wal-Mart Parking Lots
3:19 Cracker Barrel
3:37 Industrial & Business Parks
4:20 Welcome Centers
4:49 Auto Repair & Mechanic Shops
5:37 Car Dealerships
6:20 Parking Garages
6:36 Casino Parking Lots
7:18 BLM Land
8:09 Grocery Store & Mall Parking Lots
8:40 Police Stations
9:19 Churches
9:39 City Street Parking
10:30 Residential Street Parking
11:21 Rent a Driveway/Parking Spot
12:08 Apartment Complexes
13:16 Truck Stops
14:19 Employee Parking Areas
14:50 Safe Parking Programs
15:42 24 Hour Gyms
16:18 Driveway of Friend/Family


Date: September 16, 2022

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34 thoughts on “25 Best Places to Sleep When Living in Your Car!

  1. I've been sleeping in my car nearly every night for the past few years. Just wanted to point out:
    * hotel parking lots — depends on the hotel; some are regularly patrolled by cops or private security, so be careful.
    * self-storage facility lots, like Public Storage, if you rent and have access; just drive in before gate lockout time — and of course don't sleep inside your storage unit.
    * if you are an Uber/rideshare driver (or can get the proper decals on your windshield) you can sleep at the airport staging lots.

  2. And please everyone be careful. I love traveling. But now in some places if you are even traveling and police find you sleeping in your vehicle. Please be be slow and speak clear.
    To some sleeping in your vehicle even RV makes you homeless and now that gets me fired up.
    I think you're homeless if you have the balls to judge someone you just met because they sleeping not in a house.
    Home is where ya make it.
    I have had home in a SUV and traveled back country w my two pups and enough food and water for two weeks. Needed nothing.
    We are all members of the human race.
    But cities like Phoenix the people put out on the streets have no where to go. And sorry to say most folks police including wouldn't spit on you if you were on fire if they your homeless. Your used up. Your a drug addict and so on.
    They can and do shoot and kill people. No joke anymore. People are desensitized to every thing so the reality that people are burning on the of Phoenix is just part of life and you can't do anything.
    Just be safe guys where ever you make your home for the night.
    And look when you can adapt to any situation.
    Get your shelter, food, water for a least a night.
    Well in my book your a bad ass.
    We were not made to sit and get comfortable in the homes and cars that we always working to pay for.
    Not me not my circus.
    Not my monkeys.
    I own a business and don't owe anyone anything for trucks, trailers etc.
    I own an older SuV that I throw a thermapedic mattress pad in my dog, supplies and go when I want.
    So call me homeless cause I got in some mud and not driving brand new vehicle.
    I am like how many steps ahead of the man in th3 fancy house, five cars.
    I am living life
    I doubt most the ones that judge can't even pitch a tent. Much less have to adapt to staying in your vehicle because like is unpredictable.
    I wish each and every one of you the best. And be kind. Make today amazing and never stop moving.

  3. I feel so lucky that right now I'm watching this from the comfort of my apartment as I think about taking a week long car camping adventure. To anyone watching who isn't so lucky as to have a choice, my thoughts are with you. I'm sorry we live in a society where having a home isn't a basic right.

  4. If near the coast also beach areas or near boat slip Port.
    People park cars and go out on their boats and no one thinks twice about a car being parked

  5. I live in my car on the weekends just to get away from my roommate and I just want to add a nugget of wisdom. If you live in the car get a gym membership. 20$ a month for a shower everyday is a good deal. Also no one is going to run you out of a planet fitness parking lot if it's 24/7.

  6. Thank you bro for the into me and my brother sleeping in are car this help put my brother and I mind to rest and more ideas of places to sleep. Currently in Colorado Denver! alot walmarts have security and tell us to leave.

  7. I had the best spot at this nice huge apartment complex. I was lucky the front gate had malfunctioned, no assigned parking, friendly residents, lots of empty parking in the back where it was nice and dark. I was there for months until my truck broke down mid Aug. People were seeing me for the 1st time because I had to walk to the local stores then I shared my suv with a couple who were staying on the street trying to be nice while my truck was down and they couple burned up my spot, police came and kicked us out. I kicked them out of my truck because the office people ONLY knew I've been there a couple weeks! but I've been there for MONTHS! would still be if I'd just stuck to my lesson learned

  8. You missed one of the best and safest places to sleep overnight and that is in bars and nightclub parking lot. It is very very common for patients who have been drinking to leave their cars in the parking lot and take a taxi home and then they come back in the morning and get their vehicle. If that bars and nightclubs encourage patients to do this

  9. I lived in my car for 2 weeks and it was hard! I showered at a truck stop. Ate fast food. Had a hard time finding a washroom. Be very careful when choosing your mate to marry. Avoid separation by having the same values and interests.

  10. I used to sleep in Mickey Dee's parking lot way on the edge when I had to live in my car. I could also use their wifi from the parking once you have the password while you are eating inside. No shower, but bathrooms to clean yourself and brush your teeth.

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