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£262,000 Yacht Tour : Bavaria SR36


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46 thoughts on “£262,000 Yacht Tour : Bavaria SR36

  1. Ok can someone link me the video where he breaks some grass on board while filming? 😀 my girlfriend is killing me over it. she needs to see it! 😀 I cant find it.
    By the way big fan of the channel. Love the explanations given on everything and the apcing of the videos 🙂

  2. Why are these SR boats so much less expensive than others in comparable class? Can anyone help? I’m seriously considering purchasing the 41. Thanks in advanced

  3. Absolutely love the design of it, the contrast, the matte black counters on the galley, the wide decks.

    They really seem to have put a ton of thought into the idea that this boat is to be used. They're not trying to make it something it's not. It looks to me to be about as perfect of a weekender as it gets.

  4. Have watched this one a few times now. I honestly think this is the best layout of a small yacht for a family of any Nick has looked at. Nothing ground breaking maybe, they've avoided compromising in all the important places and then executed really well. Impressive!

  5. 5:00 I know I've called you out before for not waving in the mirror and you seem to almost be embarrassed by it. Embrace it! 🙂 It's like your thing in my opinion and it adds a little "playfulness" to the whole video that just helps to make it a nice one. Just my opinion. 🙂

  6. Nick, love your tours. Though I do believe you missed a pretty neat feature I haven’t noticed before in your tours of boats this size…Cabin #2 has windows below the waterline! It’d be like sleeping in an aquarium when out at anchor!

  7. Hello Sir. Great videos. thanks so much for all the tours. What boat(s) would you recommend in the up to $200K price point and the $201-$400K price point? Also, are there any solar powered boats under $400K that are coming online in the near future? thanks in advance.

  8. I feel we must tell you that the wife and I have developed an Aquaholic drinking game! When we watch your videos we raise a glass and drink on the following occasions.
    1. When you wave to a mirror.
    2. When you say "Getatable"
    3. When you say "Thusly" (sp?)
    We are considering a 4th entry..When you knock something over!!
    Great fun of course and love your videos! Any suggestions for additions to our little game?

  9. Nice boat! I just can't like the stripey wood effect 5:54 that all small boats seem to have these days…it reminds me of MFI furniture and DIY touring vehicles. The high gloss solid walnut finish of older boats just seems to look better to me. It's all MDF's just the finish was better in older boats… my mind anyway. Great boat though…I love it! Thanks for the tour Nick….you've created the best job in the world for yourself…well played!!

  10. Love that Bavaria, our old Bavaria 38 was solid and this looks very much the same. I love the concept of the table at the bathing platform and the accommodation on board is phenomenal. At £262,000 that is a great value weekender which with the correct configuration could be a good weekly cruiser. I love it.

  11. Hi Nick, its OK for the money but that rear facing seat isn't child or more mature folks friendly! bouncing around, no safety rails its an accident waiting to happen, perhaps seat belts need considering? Just my personal thoughts. Cheers.

  12. Great review as always, and a lovely boat. Some nice innovations, and it's good to see some design compromises being made, risks taken as it were – that chaise up next to the helm wouldn't do it for me, but it does make that second cabin much nicer for access and changing. The transom seating area is excellent though, really like that

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