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£375,000 Yacht Tour : Project Sunseeker RED


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42 thoughts on “£375,000 Yacht Tour : Project Sunseeker RED

  1. Hey Nick why don't you make a playlist of all the videos you've done during the fabrication and construction of this super hawk 30 I just looked in your playlist area and I didn't see one have an excellent day I guess it's Monday now and I hope you guys are doing all right I heard about the queen passing and that must be hard for a nation so God save the King Charles III

  2. That dude did an awesome job with that boat if that boat were to go on the market it would be the most expensive super hawk 38 and all of the super hawk 38 years of production that would demand a premium price for what he did to it and it's awesome

  3. nice boat, but I do prefer Nick leading the tour. This video and "meet the owner" does nothing for me. Aside from Nick, I could care less about the people involved, it's all about the boat.
    Love your videos!

  4. The boat is superb. It would not be possible to replicate this level of thought and modernity in a production boat.
    If the price is £375000, then this on one hand is good value for money.
    On the other though it is not a new boat as such, but a totally restored and rebuilt 23 year old boat. A Superhawk 34. Can the money it cost ever be recovered. Perhaps as a classic it could, though most such restorations
    are a labour of love only.

    I love the way he has modernized this boat, especially the interior with the materials he has chosen, the glass roof instead of the portholes, the coffee machine and microwave hidden yet easily accessible to keep the clean look, outstanding.
    And just look at how clean and organised the engine room is…..
    Sunseeker would have wished they produced this boat like that in their time…..

  6. Boat looks good in the marina – have passed it a few times now. Looks like much work to keep the shine up and the salt/seagulsh off of it. A labour of love

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