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£4.3 Million Yacht Tour : Princess S78


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40 thoughts on “£4.3 Million Yacht Tour : Princess S78

  1. Watching a lot of these videos makes me confident that if I ever find myself on one of these vessels (not likely) I will have an idea of where things are and why they are the way they are. The main thing these videos teach us is how sorry we should feel of never living in an environment like that.

    Crew quarters, especially on the smaller vessels do tend to be rather modest and cramped. Of course, there’s only so much space on a ship. Boating as a life style seems quite appealing for how relaxed it makes me feel just looking at the people enjoying it.

  2. just watched a fantastic review of nick on a galeon sports cruiser with a fly bridge. Super high quality finish with some many features he couldn't remember them. Except it was 1.4 Mil !!

  3. Interesting to note that Lufthansa's Frankfurt hub is several hundred miles East of British Airways (if ever an inappropriately named organisation) and yet their first class flight is around 2/3 of BA's to JFK.

    For me to fly to New York from London, I'd be far, far cheaper flying to Germany and then flying back over UK to USA. How on Earth does that work? And as a bonus you get far better service than the pretty poor performance of BA- the World's worst airline.

  4. What a super stylish boat.There was not one sharp corner inside or outside. And the helm was like the dashboard of a Bentley. Super quality. That's mabye the reason, you still can get a good price for the boat 20 years later. Like in meet the owners! Thx for a great tour Nick…..

  5. Hi there. This yacht is absolutely outstanding from the inside out. The details are exquisite. Not a single false note anywhere – just incredible. This vessel counts as a favourite, for sure. I do wonder what it looks like when it is all lit up at night. Thank you for the wonderful tour. 🌼🌸💮

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