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£560,000 Yacht Tour : Beneteau Swift Trawler 41 Sedan


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45 thoughts on “£560,000 Yacht Tour : Beneteau Swift Trawler 41 Sedan

  1. Whilst I enjoy other posters’ euphemisms, I’ll say it as I see it. Bare minimum of everything, cheapest version of everything, made down to price. The depreciation on these will be awful. I’m retired and dream of a lottery win so I can afford a boat, but I struggled to the end of this review. I’d be so disappointed if I ended up with something like this.

  2. I liked this little boat. The only thing I would change, make only one shower. Have one bigger for everyone to share an I'd probably add a bath tub shower unit in it. That way if small kids are onboard it's easier to get them clean. Plus I know alot of people like myself who just like to sit back an soak, mainly if the tub has water jets in it.

  3. I really like those trawler yachts, and from some videos I watched recently, Beneteau makes some especially nice ones.The light wood and not-glossy surfaces look great and not too over the top. If I'd win the lottery, the first thing I'd do is get a boat like this. But most of the time, these yachts are presented somewhere warm, like the Mediterranean, which makes me wonder: Would these boats be fit for the North Sea or a visit to Norways fjords? I'd go there first before going south.
    And while I'm commenting: I randomly came across this channel a year or two ago, and found looking at yachts to be a fantastic way of escapism. And this channel is one of the best yacht-channels I've found so far (along with MB&Y and a few others). The same goes for your motorhome channel. Keep up the great work, and I'm looking forward for more almost affordable trawlers.

  4. I could happily live aboard this wonderful ship.Get a water maker,a small generator,a freestanding air-conditioner,and cruise 'The Loop' while docking where the weather's nice whenever I pleased.Spaced well for a couple guests too.

  5. Wasn't there a track for a curtain in the saloon? I think that's what the infill in front of the washing machine is for. Occasional 2 person berth makes this even better! What was in the narrow cupboard above the one for the table? My guess is deck chairs. Lovely little pensioners boat, thanks for the walkthrough Nick👍

  6. I don't quite get these pleasure boats. What do you do? Speed to a spot but one not very far as your reliant on gas and then stop for a bit and go back?

    Always need a sail on a boat to travel. Why use a boat if not for transportation

  7. I don’t know.. some nice and practical details but this boat is not very far from boats like Nimbus 405 price wise.. Compared to the Nimbus the French boat looks rather cheap.. specially regarding woodwork, helm, detail quality etc

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